Online hypnotherapy or hypnotherapy in the office: which is better?

Nov 3, 2022Online Hypnotherapy

Online hypnotherapy or hypnotherapy in the office: which is better?

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When people consider getting help with hypnosis, what is best, remote or online hypnotherapy or in-person in an office? Furthermore, is hypnotherapy practised in the same way online compared to hypnotherapy delivered in the hypnotist’s office?

These days these questions are very valid as many hypnotherapists have moved from working in an office to doing online work. As with many other businesses, the main driver has been the COVID pandemic as people learn new ways of working.

What is online hypnotherapy?

This is a remote delivery method to get a hypnotherapy service. Online hypnotherapy can also be called online hypnosis. Usually, this means that the client and hypnotherapist are working remotely. But there are different ways of working remotely.

There are several ways of delivering remote hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy via telephone

Occasionally you will find some hypnotherapists hypnotise via telephone, but most prefer to hypnotise via videoconferencing.

With modern-day hypnosis, the therapist uses their voice to deliver words that will give positive suggestions for change, so using the telephone will work. However, there are many more benefits of seeing the client rather than just relying on the voice, as the hypnotherapist can observe signs of hypnosis, the depth of the trance state, and any reactions the client may show to certain words or phrases.

Online hypnotherapy via videoconferencing

These days this is the preferred method of delivering hypnotherapy online as the hypnotherapist can see the client, and the client can see the therapist. However, sometimes there may be blips in the video quality, and the screen may freeze. On the other hand, the audio part is more stable.

There are lots of different videoconferencing platforms that can be used. For example, Zoom or Skype are commonly used. Skype has even been given the nickname Skypenosis.

Some platforms have better encryption than others, while some are easier to use and have fewer connection problems.  It will usually depend on the system that the hypnotherapist feels is most suitable.

Some hypnotherapists may feel that it is better for you and them to wear headphones.Online hypnosis

Online hypnotherapy is considered as effective as experiencing hypnotherapy in an office. Many of the techniques that a hypnotherapist uses are the same or similar to those used in the office, but the preparation will require the client to be in the right environment where they can relax and not be disturbed.

There are many benefits of online hypnotherapy. For example, you don’t need to travel so reducing costs. Also, you can choose a therapist anywhere in the world to meet your financial and personal needs.

Nevertheless, there are other things to consider. For example, you need a good internet connection, the right equipment and skills to manage the technology. It’s also essential that you are not interrupted. There are differences in time to think about for clients in different parts of the world.

Hypnotherapy via audio recordings

Hypnotherapists have delivered hypnosis via audio recordings for many years. Originally the therapist would tape the recording and then use CDs, but today MP3s are very common.

There are lots of benefits to the client when they use audio recordings.

  • You can choose an expert from around the world.
  • It’s easy to download an audio recording.
  • You have almost instant access.
  • You can listen to the recording whenever you want, although it is not recommended to listen while operating machinery or doing anything that requires your full attention.
  • They are considerably cheaper than bespoke sessions.

Many people find audio recordings helpful and could have them for life. However, a disadvantage is that you won’t get a bespoke service. The recording may not use words you like or understand, and you won’t get hypnosis that meets your needs because you won’t have discussed it with the hypnotist first.

Hypnosis via apps

Increasingly more hypnotists are using apps to record hypnosis. Again they won’t be tailored to your specific needs, but they will probably be relaxing.

Online hypnotherapy vs in person; the client’s perspective

Online hypnotherapy is not the same process as hypnotherapy in the room, although the outcome can still be the same.

So what should you choose; online hypnotherapy or in-person hypnotherapy in an office?

Clients usually refer to the outcome they hope to get. Many psychology and psychotherapy studies show that working online is effective. In addition, research has started to look at this question of results with online hypnotherapy. A study by Hassim et al. (2019) used online hypnotherapy via videoconferencing to help patients suffering from irritable bowel disease. They found that online hypnotherapy was as effective as face-to-face hypnotherapy. There is also a lot of anecdotal evidence that online hypnosis works. However, more research is always needed.

But there are also many other considerations. Clients need to consider their skills, environment and internet access. Also, consider the reason that you are seeking hypnotherapy. Is the issue something you can talk about online, or would you prefer the actual presence of the therapist?

If you want to change something, hypnotherapy could be the help you need, and now you have lots of choices in how you receive it.

Finally, online or in the office, you choose the delivery method that suits you best.

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