Overcome low confidence and unlock your true potential

Help For Low Self Confidence & Self Esteem

Suffering With Low Confidence?

Do you think you are not good enough?

Do you want to do things but have a part of you that worries and makes you fearful?

You probably have low confidence and low self-esteem and suffering from self-doubt.

Awaken the Change is dedicated to you freeing yourself of unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours that stop you demonstrating your true potential and the creative you.

Free 30 Minute Consultation

Contact Linda to arrange your first free consultation. 

You need to…

  • Talk to someone who will really listen
  • Learn to do things you really want to do
  • Stop sabotaging yourself

When you boost low confidence and low self-esteem you find the ability to bounce back from challenges, learn to understand and trust yourself more, and let go of the fear, and begin to love yourself for who you really are.

You now have the choice to change.

Whatever you choose you can do it, because these issues are a state of mind that was caused by past experiences and negative conditioning.

Get back in balance and re-frame the negative self-talk to positive talk.

Hypnotherapy Can Help

Use the power of your mind to get from fear to fabulous with hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Choose to recieve hypnotherapy at my practice or, easier than ever, in the comfort of your own home with my online service. No matter where you are, maybe in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, you can find your way to feel better.

This is what you can expect…

  • A free initial consultation on the telephone or via Skype, Zoom or Vsee
  • An assessment and personalised programme of 3 sessions (more sessions if you need them)
  • Hypnotherapy in your own home via webcam, or at my practice (Each session one hour)
  • Information how to do self-hypnosis
  • A relaxation audio recording (MP3) to listen to between sessions and after sessions have finished
Hynotherapy can help with Low Confidence

Hypnotherapy Prices

NB All payments to be made online before the session or programme or on the day only if in person in my office.

How to Book

Unlike some therapists, I want to make sure you get the right therapy before you buy.
I offer a free 30-minute consultation so we can get to know each other first.

Hypnotherapy Sessions at My Practice

If you live in or around the Bournemouth area, you may prefer to visit my practice for your hypnotherapy sessions.

I provide a safe, relaxing and calm environment where we can start to overcome your anxiety. The practice is easy to find, and plenty of free parking is available, as well as being on local bus routes.

However, your first free consultation will always be online, and many of my clients find this works better for them.

Online Hypnotherapy

Online hypnotherapy is worth considering, especially if you find it hard to travel or live outside the Bournemouth area.

I have been trained in providing online hypnotherapy and have clients from around the world. Providing you have access to a private internet connection and webcam; there is no reason why this wouldn't work for you.

Online hypnosis has many benefits, which include cost-effectiveness, comfort and practicality.

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