I desperately wanted to give up smoking…

I booked a hypnotherapy session with Linda as I desperately wanted to give up smoking, although I felt ready in myself and really wanted to knock this habit on the head, I also knew I could benefit with some additional help and support.

I found Linda’s approach to be open, very engaging & she put me at ease straight away by taking time to find out the real reasons why I smoke and the patterns around it.  This I believe was key for me in identifying my triggers & thought processes.  Linda went on to share key facts about the many toxins in cigarettes which I found informative and enlightening. The hypnotherapy that followed left me with a calming sensation and I felt it reinforced our discussions into my subconscious mind. I have not smoked since our session.

Lisa B. Ringwood, Dorset.


I had a very positive experience…

I had a very positive experience having been hypnotised by Linda. I wanted some help to overcome personal thought barriers that were affecting my confidence in making important decisions to progress my career. After being hypnotised, I feel Linda really got to know and understand how I needed to be supported and now my mindset has shifted to be far more confident in my own ability and I’m now even taking steps to expand my business. I’m very grateful to have crossed paths with Linda and have no hesitation in recommending her.

Sonia W. New Forest.

Sonia had online hypnotherapy.

Got to the root of the problem…

I came to see Linda because of confidence, and getting worked up over minor irritations. I found her service to be very useful and quick. Got to the root of the problem and had a series of effective tasks which allowed me to easily improve.
DS, Broadstone.

I needed a push…

I needed a push to commence therapy because I was nervous, but now I am pleased I did because it has helped me.
Anonymous (Permission given to use comment from Client Evaluation Form)

Hypnotherapy has been great…

Hypnotherapy has been great and helped me so much. I also found it really helpful with the talking/ coaching about all aspects of my life as I’ve never had this with another therapist. Thank you for helping me to change my life around.
(Client with a phobia of spiders and O.C.D. – Kate, Ferndown)

I was at my lowest and needed help…

I came to see Linda because I was at my lowest and needed help. I found her service to be professional. friendly and it worked. I am still eating healthily and I am a lot happier. I’m also 2 stone lighter! Thank you.
Weight loss client- SP, Poole

Thanks it has helped me…

Thanks, it has helped me, I found it very relaxing and you very pleasant and kind.
Anonymous (Permission given to use comment from Client Evaluation Form)

Calm and reassuring presence…

Calm and reassuring presence. She listened extremely well, but also knew that at some point action was required rather than talking.
Something else that impressed me was the few sessions I had (3/4). Retrospectively, that was exactly the right number, but at the time it would have been easy to convince me I needed 10+.
Anonymous (Permission given to use comment from Client Evaluation Form)

I am happy to recommend her service…

Over the last 5 years Linda has helped me with several issues. I think what sets her aside from other hypnotherapists and coaches is that she really listens and gives her undivided attention. With me I always found her to be non-judgemental, focused on what I wanted to achieve and sensitive to my individual needs. I have found Linda to be very knowledgeable with a friendly and caring nature. She made me feel completely at ease even when I was talking about a difficult subject. I am happy to recommend her service.
Jan M. Poole, Dorset.

I am more self-aware now

Linda helped me to stop biting and picking the skin around my nails. This was a disgusting habit which I was very aware of, but couldn’t seem to stop. Linda used her hypnotherapy techniques to bring me to a conscious state of the process that I was going through each time I bit my skin. It was both incredible and powerful. I realized how awful it was – and stopped. The experience made me realize when I had started to pick – the situations when I would do it, and why I would do it. I am more self-aware now and can stop myself before I start again. It was amazing.
Helen F. High Wycombe, Bucks.

Valued supervision

Linda, your valued supervision over the last few years has provided me with clarity and direction and has helped me support my counselling and hypnotherapy clients with confidence. Your straight forward solution- based approach has enabled me to get to create and work with a clear treatment plan for my clients. Thank you again for continuing to share your knowledge and coaching skills.
Jale, Hatfield, Herts. Integrative Therapist and Hypnotherapist

I was so stressed…

I was so stressed about a few issues, but somehow Linda gave me the confidence to “open up” about things on my mind.
Carol, Ringwood