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Transform Stress into Strength, Anxiety into Assurance, Fears into Freedom

Join me to embark on a Journey of Personal Empowerment and Inner Healing


Hypnotherapy and counselling to relieve anxiety, fears, phobias, worry, and stress. We’ll explore solutions together to help you regain control of your life. Don’t let negative emotions hold you back.

Therapist Development

Supervision, mentoring and coaching for hypnotherapists and counsellors. I’m a qualified and accredited supervisor who uses researched and evidence-based supervision methods.

Books & Courses

I have written books related to anxiety, stress, bereavement, and professional development, these are available on Amazon. Also, I deliver courses to help you overcome learning challenges.

Hi, I’m Linda,

I know that it’s difficult to make stress, anxiety and worry go away on its own. I’ve experienced it and so many of my clients confirm this. Life is so busy and demanding. I really get it.

You want to improve yourself but its hard as you struggle to find a way to feel better.  But research and evidence shows that the way you deal with difficult times can make a big difference to your future health and happiness. Contact me.


Hypnotherapy and Counselling can help you:

  • Combat fears and phobias
  • Let go of stress and anxiety
  • Beat panic attacks
  • Stop worrying
  • Relax and enjoy life
  • Build your confidence and self-esteem
  • Overcome blushing and shyness
  • Reduce test anxiety
  • Master public speaking
  • Improve your performance
  • Cope with grief
  • Stop smoking
Hypnotherapy with Linda Witchell

I’m a specialist in helping people with anxiety who want to change.

I can support you by providing hypnotherapy and counselling. I’m a highly qualified and experienced clinical hypnotherapy practitioner and counsellor, and you can read more about me and my many qualifications here. I also have a blog if you want to get to know me better.

My hypnotherapy sessions are developed around bespoke programmes, so you get so much more than hypnotherapy or counselling alone. You get quality sessions that are built on research and evidence. I specialise in helping people to relieve stress and anxiety or to cope after a loss, so you know that you are getting an expert in the field.

My programmes are designed especially for you and your situation. Often, I use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with hypnosis as it’s been proven to give better results for some people. I know that your problem is important, so I really listen to you and help you find the solution.

I’m a supervisor, mentor, and trainer.

As I have been in the helping professions for many years now, I have gained a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience. I have also studied hard and consider myself a life-long learner, so I now want to share this with other therapists.

Consequently, this has led to me to teaching, supervision, mentoring and the development of courses and books on all subjects related to my work. Check my qualifications here. For group or individual supervision please contact me for an informal chat first or browse through my books, courses and resources for therapists.

Finally, when you choose my service you will soon discover that as a retired nurse with over 30 years working in helping professions, I am passionate about what I do because I want you to feel better.

What My Clients Say

Hypnotherapy Testimonial Quotation

I am happy to recommend her service…

Over the last 5 years Linda has helped me with several issues. I think what sets her aside from other hypnotherapists and coaches is that she really listens and gives her undivided attention. With me I always found her to be non-judgemental, focused on what I wanted...

Linda’s calm, easy and professional manner…

Linda's calm, easy and professional manner put me at ease from the start and I was then able to relax and really feel the benefits of her help. Tracy, Ferndown

Got to the root of the problem…

I came to see Linda because of confidence, and getting worked up over minor irritations. I found her service to be very useful and quick. Got to the root of the problem and had a series of effective tasks which allowed me to easily improve. DS, Broadstone.

I was at my lowest and needed help…

I came to see Linda because I was at my lowest and needed help. I found her service to be professional. friendly and it worked. I am still eating healthily and I am a lot happier. I'm also 2 stone lighter! Thank you. Weight loss client- SP, Poole

It was wonderful…

It was wonderful, easy and effective. Hayley, Malaga (Spain)
Hypnotherapy Testimonial Quotation

Video Testimonials

Watch genuine reviews from real clients

Jenny Beacham
14 February 2024
Linda is the voice in my head! She listens, responds, respects and is extremely effective at bringing literal change to feelings of anxiety and stress. After four sessions she has given me essential tools to regain confidence and control. Thank you Linda!
Martin Green
16 November 2023
As a counsellor myself, it’s very important for us to get supervision. Having Linda as my supervisor has been great, she is very thorough, welcoming and encouraging. Something that I would always look for in a supervisor. After every session I feel uplifted and encouraged. Linda not only works after my professional work as a counsellor, but she also helps me to focus on ways to keep my business flourishing, giving me the opportunity to do what I love doing as a counsellor, so I can help others. I would definitely recommend Linda to both new counsellors who are just starting out and also counsellors who are already established in their field.
Nick and Alice
24 August 2023
Linda has helped me with a fear of driving on fast roads through 4 sessions of hypnotherapy. The outcome has been fantastic and I am now able to drive without panic or fear, knowing I am in control and am safe. Linda is very talented, kind and tailors the sessions exactly to your life and goals. Really recommend hypnotherapy with Linda to anyone who is struggling with a fear or anxiety. It works. Thank you so much. Alice
Kate Mitchell
30 July 2023
I saw Linda due to a fear of flying - I had 3 sessions with Linda and feel remarkably calmer and better about flying now. I’ve been able to go on a plane and the journey was much more enjoyable than previous trips I’ve been on. I look forward to booking many more trips with huge thanks to Linda. Linda was very knowledgeable and tailored the sessions to me.
Meabh Deeny
23 May 2023
Linda really helped me gain confidence and excel in my new job role. I feel a lot less anxious in social situations and the sessions really were invaluable for me! I would really recommend the sessions to anyone struggling with fears or anxieties.
Jâle Apicella
16 May 2023
Many thanks Linda for your wonderful supervision over the last 7 years. You’ve been a great support to me, in my counselling and hypnotherapy practice.
Charlie James-Peers
27 April 2023
I received 4 hypnotherapy sessions and the results have been beyond my wildest expectations. Would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of recieving help. Linda is extremely well qualified and can help anyone. Thank you Linda!
2 March 2023
Linda is excellent at understanding what you need from her therapies and takes time to work through how she can help. I found the sessions very beneficial right from the beginning.
Anon Ymous
5 February 2023
Amazing would highly recommend!

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