Linda Witchell – Hypnotherapist & Counsellor

Hi, I’m Linda.

I’m a wife, mother and pet lover. I enjoy travelling and meeting people from all backgrounds. But most of all, I am someone who loves working as I get so much satisfaction from helping people to change and learn. As a retired nurse, and now a bereavement counsellor, I realise the value of life because I have seen too much ill-health and misery.

Everyone has times in their lives when they feel stressed or anxious and need help. My life has certainly had its pressures, so I know what stress and anxiety can be like. I have worked hard and studied to master’s degree level. I have dealt with sickness in the family, financial difficulties, exam stress, working shifts, bringing up children, moving abroad and setting up my own business, but I wouldn’t change a thing as I have learnt to cope well and build that resilience that I can share with you today.

I have found that the first step is identifying and admitting that there is a problem then getting help.

Choosing the right person to speak to might seem difficult at first, but sharing the problem is the only way to move forward and change. When I was suffering from stress and anxiety, I first had to make time in my busy schedule to go to the doctor. My body was telling me that things were out of balance, and I was getting stress-related skin problems.

Several years later, I had to see a counsellor for a few sessions when I thought I was going mad with work-related problems. I found a realisation that all I needed to do was slow down, acknowledge the pressures that I was under, and take some time for me. Today, the process of contacting someone like me can be easier through online connections.

Linda Witchell Hypnotherapist

My values in life are built around

  1. Trust and honesty to do the right things
  2. Working to be the best you can be
  3. Learning and developing
  4. Respect no matter who we are

My Clients

People may self-refer or get recommended by their doctor to get help. They are often professionals who, like me, have worked very hard in their jobs while also juggling family life. Sometimes concerns build up with them, including anxieties about teenagers, low confidence and self-esteem, worrying unnecessarily, feeling overwhelmed or struggling with irrational fears and phobias. I help them to feel better, take control and enjoy life again. Three sessions are often enough.

They choose my service as I can help them to get the results that they want. My background demonstrates that I’m professional, experienced, and I care.

Clients often visit my Bournemouth practice for their counselling or hypnotherapy sessions, but with the aid of modern technology, I can open the door to my services across the world.

Online Help

Through my experiences, I have learnt that it’s not always easy to do things the way people expect you to do things. For example, if you need help because you have mobility problems or anxiety that makes you feel nervous about meeting new people, online help is an avenue you can follow that can be much easier for you.

I have also found that British Expatriates find online help invaluable as they get a standard of help that they know and can trust. As a native English speaker, I’m able to provide the service that you expect. Often it is more about helping you to stop those feelings of isolation and of being stuck.

I have travelled widely and lived abroad in Australia, so I know that it’s sometimes comforting to hear a British person speaking in your own, colloquial, language and accent because you know that they are more likely to understand what you are saying and meaning. I offer this online help so you can be the person that you want to be and get some control back in your life. Your first free initial consultation is available to book today.

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My Qualifications

  • MSc Hypnosis in Research, Medicine and Clinical Practice
  • MSc Psychology
  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy
  • Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapy Counselling (Chrysalis)
  • Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic Skills and Theory (CPCAB level 5)
  • Certificate in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) (Marisa Peer Method Hypnotherapy)
  • Certificate in Counselling (CPCAB level 2)
  • Certificate in Pet Bereavement (ABC Award)
  • Diploma in Wellbeing and Stress Management (CPCAB level 5)
  • Certificate in Online Therapy
  • Retired Registered General Nurse
  • Cruse Bereavement Care course
  • Supervisors Course (Ascentis)
  • Diploma in Supervision (level 7)
  • Hypnotherapy Supervisors Course (GHR accredited)
  • Masters degree in Interprofessional and Community Care
  • BSc(Hons) Nursing
  • Teaching experience/qualifications – Certificate VI in Training and Assessing (Trainwell, Australia), City & Guilds 730, TEFL, Teaching Business Language
  • EFT Practitioner
  • Numerous study days attended
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