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Problems Relaxing?
Sometimes its easy for other people to tell you to relax, but its hard for you to do. That’s because you haven’t learnt how to relax yet.

Relaxation is great because it helps you to manage stress, cope in life and reduce stress related ill health such as heart disease, infections, and some skin conditions. Tense muscles also make pain much worse.

Relaxation is also necessary to reduce anger, irritability, and depression, as the mind and body need to keep in balance.

Relaxation helps your mind and body to achieve its peak performance levels. The positive impacts of relaxation include:

  • The ability to sleep better
  • Pain management
  • A better memory
  • Better weight management
  • Less accidents
  • Allowing you to achieve your full potential
  • It feels good

How Linda Can Help You Relax

There are many ways to achieve relaxation. These include deep breathing, meditation, visualisation, progressive muscular relaxation and hypnotherapy.

All these methods and more may be used whether you book a 3-session online relaxation programme, a one-off session, or buy one of Linda’s relaxation audio recordings (MP3s).

Online Relaxation Sessions

If other people are telling you to relax, isn’t it time that you found a way to do it in the comfort of your own home? Linda’s relaxation programmes can be delivered online via webcam, and therefore are available in most countries.

Find out how relaxation can help you.

Contact Linda today.

Audio Recordings for Relaxation

Some people prefer to use audio recordings to help them relax. Linda has a selection of MP3’s available that allow you to listen and relax whenever you wish.

The audio downloads are modestly priced and professionally recorded by a true expert in her field. Browse the online shop to find a suitable recording.

Options include…

  • 15 Minute Relaxation
  • Relax
  • Relaxation for new mums
  • Relaxation for caregivers
  • Relaxation to relieve stress
  • Relaxation to manage chronic pain
  • Relaxation before surgery

What Others Say About My techniques

Don’t just take my word. Here are client testimonials from real people.

Hypnotherapy helped me so much.’ Kate. Ferndown

Very relaxing and re-assuring.’ Sue. Bournemouth.

I needed a push to commence therapy because I was nervous, but now I am pleased that I did because it has helped me. I found it all very relaxing.’ Jo. Cardiff.

A relaxing and positive way to begin a new lifestyle.’ Tanya. London.

If you want to learn how to relax your mind and body; contact Linda or purchase a relaxation audio download (MP3).

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