Fear of Public Speaking

Help with Fear of Public Speaking

Do you dread having to make presentations at work? Or perhaps you are anxious about making a speech for a family occasion? Linda can help you overcome your anxiety.


Fear of public speaking: tips for success

If someone asked you to stand up in front of other people and give a speech or presentation how would you feel?

If you cringe, feel sick, get that feeling of dread and panic you have got a fear of public speaking. You may also have a phobia. For some people it’s the fear of socialising with others that triggers these negative feelings.

Maybe you have avoided speaking in public for years. Perhaps you are one of those managers who volunteer your staff to give a talk or maybe you avoid talking to teams or at family events.

Help is here. It doesn’t need to be like that anymore.


Hypnotherapy for the Fear of Public Speaking
  1. Plan your talk. Prepare and practice.
  • This starts by knowing your audience, knowing what you need to say and your timescales.
  • Write down what you need to say.
  • Practice by talking to a friend or even talk to yourself in a mirror.
  • Pause before starting to speak.
  • Look at individuals who are smiling and showing you that they are interested rather than scanning everyone.
  • Maybe you could start with a quote, statistic or short story to grab your audiences attention.
  • Speak slowly and use the language that you are most comfortable with. Use simple words rather than lots of jargon and complex words.
  • Summarise at the end and if you have time you might be able to give an opportunity for questions at the end.
  1. Prepare your mind and body.
  • Practice deep breathing. This is about getting your body prepared.
  • Try deep breathing, or meditation, Mindfulness or self-hypnosis days or weeks before your speech.
  • Some people may find yoga helpful. You can’t be tense and relaxed at the same time so choose to learn how to relax your body.
  • Think positively. Tell yourself that you can do it. Repeat it daily and start to believe it.
  • Imagine that you can do it. Visualise what you might wear or do when you give that amazing talk. Imagine people clapping at the end.
  • Practice being grateful. A couple of weeks before your speech write down three things that you are grateful for. For example, you could be grateful for the opportunity to give this talk. You could be grateful that you prepared something that day. You might also be grateful that you have found a way to relax.
  • Just before your speech drink room temperature lemon water. It refreshes your mouth and stops your mouth becoming too dry in a talk.
  1. Get Help if You Need It
  • If you are determined to change and want help contact Linda from Awaken the Change and find out how she can help you to feel so much better.

Why Linda's Course Is Different

What’s different about Linda is that she used to be a Toastmaster so has had training in public speaking herself. This has given her the confidence and skills be able to speak in public to groups around the world. Now Linda can provide you with some skills, confidence and help you to remove your barriers.

The package for public speaking is different to other courses that you may have had before. You don’t just get taught how to speak in public, rather you learn to find that inner confidence and belief that you can speak in public. You get help to change your mindset.

Hypnotherapy Can Help

Hypnotherapy can help you be a more confident public speaker. Contact Linda today to find out how.

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