Overcoming Performance Anxiety:
A Path to Confidence and Success

Performance Anxiety: How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Excel

Understanding Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is a common form of stress and anxiety that affects many individuals when they are required to perform in front of others. This could involve public speaking, playing a musical instrument, acting on stage, or even attending a job interview. For some, performance anxiety manifests as a form of shyness that hinders their ability to perform optimally, with the intensity of feelings varying significantly.

Performance anxiety is, essentially, any situation where there’s an inward focus and a feeling of being judged.

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Common Questions About Performance Anxiety

Why Do We Experience Performance Anxiety?

The roots of performance anxiety are often traced back to our instinctual ‘fight or flight’ response, a primitive reaction to perceived threats. In performance situations, these threats are the fear of judgment or failure. We end up focusing on ourselves, detracting from our ability to give our best performance. Consequently, our bodies react as though facing a real physical danger, triggering symptoms like rapid heartbeat, sweating, or even panic attacks (Kenny, 2011).

Can Hypnosis Help with Performance Anxiety in the Arts?

Indeed, hypnosis for performance anxiety has shown remarkable results in the arts. Hypnotherapy can reprogram the subconscious mind, altering the perception and response to the pressures of performing.

For artists, musicians, and actors, this means less anxiety and a greater ability to showcase their talents.

Performance Anxiety

Is Hypnosis Effective for Sports Performance?

Hypnosis for sports performance is becoming a key tool for athletes. The mental aspects of sports, such as focus and confidence, are crucial. Athletes often turn to hypnosis to enhance these aspects, which has been shown to improve performance significantly (Liggett, 2000).

How Can Hypnosis Assist in Overcoming Relationship and Sexual Performance Anxiety?

Performance anxiety isn’t limited to the stage or sports field; it also extends to personal relationships and intimate encounters. Hypnotherapy focuses on building self-esteem and reducing stress in these areas, fostering a more present and connected experience in personal relationships (Janbaz et al. 2022).

How Does Hypnosis Address Public Speaking Anxiety?

Public speaking is one of the most common scenarios where performance anxiety arises. The fear of public speaking, or glossophobia, can be debilitating, affecting not only professional careers but also personal growth. Hypnosis can be highly effective in this area especially if used with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

It works by helping individuals access a state of calm and focus, reducing the anxiety associated with speaking in public. By visualising successful speaking experiences, reframing negative thoughts, and practising positive affirmations, individuals can transform their approach to public speaking (Schoenberger, 2000).

This process not only alleviates immediate anxiety but also builds a foundation of confidence for future speaking engagements.

Can Hypnotherapy Help with Job Interview Anxiety?

Job interviews are another critical area where performance anxiety can surface. The pressure to perform well in an interview can lead to significant stress, often impacting one’s ability to present themselves authentically and effectively. Hypnotherapy addresses this by fostering a sense of calm and confidence.

Through techniques like cognitive behavioural hypnosis, positive visualisation and mental rehearsal, individuals can prepare themselves to face interviews with a more relaxed and positive mindset, increasing their chances of success.

These tailored hypnotherapy approaches for public speaking and job interviews, just like in the arts and sports, are focused on transforming internal narratives and responses to stress, enabling individuals to perform at their best in these high-pressure situations.

Real-Life Examples (All identifying factors have been removed)

Let me give you some examples based on real clients.

Consider Sarah, a talented woman with experience and skills developed over years of dealing with children and families as a nursery nurse. She was training to be a social worker but found the thought of standing up and presenting to her tutors overwhelming. She recalled times when she had to speak in public, which was awful. She discovered that the night before, she couldn’t sleep. She remembered trembling on the day, her voice changing, her heartbeat rising, and her mind becoming foggy. She hated the thought of people judging her.

Lola was a teacher in a school. What was unusual was that she didn’t like standing up in front of a large class of students, other educationalists, or parents to present, yet she had been trained as a teacher to do just that. She explained how she started avoiding presentations, but that made her feel worse. When she came to me, she wondered if she should give up the job she had always loved.

Jim was a musician and guitar teacher. He has felt anxious since COVID and the lockdown. He now finds that he can only work online on videoconferencing platforms because he doesn’t feel comfortable going to other places to teach or perform anymore. He thought about many things related to his job and worried about COVID-19 vaccinations. Anxiety also filtered through to other parts of his life as he didn’t go out very much now, felt judged and had few friends.

Simon wanted help with his relationship as he had erectile dysfunction. No medical cause had been found, but he couldn’t perform sexually after his wife had a brief affair. This problem made him feel inferior.

These are just a few examples of how performance anxiety manifests.

Why Choose Hypnotherapy for Performance Anxiety?

Hypnotherapy offers a safe, non-invasive, and evidence-based approach to managing performance anxiety. If delivered by a qualified hypnotherapist the risks are low as it’s a more natural way to change and it is customised to individual needs. Although there are no guarantees of 100% success, as an expert hypnotherapist, my approach is backed by my experiences, research and proven results.

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