Exam Anxiety

Exam anxiety is a response to dealing with all the pressures you are feeling

When you start to study do you feel that there are constant distractions, and you can’t concentrate. Perhaps you are worrying and can’t sleep or have those awful tight feelings in your stomach or throat. What are you going to tell your parents and friends if you fail? You know you aren’t studying enough.

You want to tell someone, but you think you won’t be convincing enough, and they will just give you the same old advice about studying harder.

STOP! This is exam anxiety taking over. Linda has the solutions to make life so much easier through a few simple steps with hypnosis. It’s easy, this programme can be accessed in your private room at home and its going to work if you want it too. What have you got to lose!

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What is Exam Anxiety

Exam anxiety is also called test anxiety, but it can be anything that makes you feel nervous surrounding the thought or preparation for your exam. Exams are not only a way that your skills, knowledge or performance are measured, but they also bring feelings of being judged. Exam anxiety is a response to dealing with all the pressures you are feeling.

Exams and tests make us feel stressed no matter what our age is or what our background is. This is because you get a demand on you and your time. Some people like a bit of stress because it keeps us motivated but when the stress mounts up prior to an exam it can develop into anxiety.

People who suffer with exam anxiety will experience one or more of the following:

  • Thoughts about the difficulties of learning
  • Thoughts like “I’m not good enough, I’m going to fail.” Or “What are my family going to think if I fail?”
  • Negative feelings
  • Physical feelings like difficulty sleeping, aches and pains, feeling nauseous or getting headaches
  • Changes in your behaviour, such as overeating or not eating enough, or stopping all the fun activities that you like doing
  • Getting irritable and maybe arguing with people
  • Procrastinating
  • Feeling out of control

Help for Exam Anxiety

Linda offers a unique mixture of hypnotherapy, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and coaching to help you get the results you want fast.

Hypnotherapy can help as it allows you to relax and gives you positive suggestions to change.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) helps you to change negative thoughts and behaviours.

Coaching helps you to get past the barriers to studying and enables you to plan and implement goals.

As a result of using my service, you can expect that

  • You will get a professional service tailored to your needs.
  • You will learn to relax.
  • You will understand how exam anxiety is affecting you and learn to prepare in the best way for you.
  • You will be able use a positive mindset to give your best efforts during the exam.

Online Hypnotherapy for Exam Anxiety

Book an online hypnotherapy programme for exam anxiety and you get:

  • A free initial, no obligation consultation via webcam or on the telephone.
  • An assessment to check that this will be the best way forward for you.
  • 3 personalised hypnotherapy sessions via webcam.
  • An audio recording to listen to between sessions (MP3).
  • A handout called Preparing for Exams.

Online hypnotherapy has many benefits to anxious people like you because it makes getting help easy. There is no added anxiety of travelling to see a hypnotherapist and finding out about their practice. All you need is the correct equipment and internet connection and the determination to improve by using my expert guidance and the power of your mind.

Simply request a free, no obligation, initial consultation by telephone or webcam (Skype, Zoom or Vsee), by clicking the button.

If you you are suffering with exam anxiety contact me today.

Get Help with Exam Anxiety

Hypnotherapy Can Help

A unique mixture of hypnotherapy, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and coaching to help you get the results you want fast.

Exam Anxiety

Hypnotherapy Prices

NB All payments to be made online before the session or programme or on the day only if in person in my office.

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Unlike some therapists, I want to make sure you get the right therapy before you buy.
I offer a free 30-minute consultation so we can get to know each other first.

Hypnotherapy Sessions at My Practice

If you live in or around the Bournemouth area, you may prefer to visit my practice for your hypnotherapy sessions.

I provide a safe, relaxing and calm environment where we can start to overcome your anxiety. The practice is easy to find, and there is plenty of free parking available, as well as being on local bus routes.

To arrange a complimentary 30 minute session, where you can ask any questions that you may have and I can assess your needs, simply clcik the button below or telephone me on 01202 248468.

Online Hypnotherapy

Online hypnotherapy is worth considering, especially if you find it hard to travel or live outside of the Bournemouth area. I have been trained in the provision of online hypnotherapy and have clients from around the world. Providing you have access to a private internet connection and web cam, there is no reason why this wouldn't work for you.

Online hypnosis has many benefits, which include cost effectiveness, comfort and practicality.

An example of an online hypnotherapy package can be found below, but if you wish to find out more, visit the online hypnotherapy section of my website.

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