Counselling for Pet Loss

Pet Bereavement Counselling

Have you lost a cherished pet?

Maybe you have lost a dog, a cat, a bird, or some other pet and now feel awful.

Most people don’t know what it is like when you lose a pet. They may even say things that are unhelpful when you are grieving such as ‘Why don’t you get another dog from the rescue centre?’

Pets give us unconditional love so when they are gone they leave a big hole in our lives. Are you feeling upset, guilty, angry or have other emotions and need to talk about your loss?

Pet Bereavement Counselling In Bournemouth

Linda is a qualified, specialist pet bereavement counsellor, and a pet lover herself. She has had pets all her life, at present, she has two dogs. It doesn’t matter if your pet has died, run away, been stolen, or you have had to give up your pet; Linda will listen and help you to learn how to cope and feel better.

Linda’s practice is conveniently located between Pokesdown and Iford, in Bournemouth.

Contact Linda by using the form below, or by telephone on 01202 248468.

Telephone & Online Pet Bereavement Counselling

As well as face to face meetings at her Bournemouth practice, Linda can offer pet bereavement counselling via telephone or online via webcam.

Telephone and online pet bereavement counselling are often used by those who may find it difficult to travel or those that prefer to receive counselling in familiar surroundings.

Don’t suffer anymore. If you are feeling sad about the loss of your pet and want to talk, click the button below and get an appointment.

What to Expect

  • An assessment to check that this service is right for you
  • One to six one-hour sessions (further sessions are possible if required)
  • The opportunity to share how you are feeling with Linda who really listens to your story
  • A confidential and caring service

You will be required to provide some information including demographic details, the name of your doctor and you need that desire to do something to feel better.

Contact Linda today to access pet bereavement counselling.

Free 30 Minute Consultation

Contact Linda to arrange your first free consultation. 

Counselling & Life Coaching Prices

NB All payments to be made online before the session or programme or on the day only if in person in my office.

How to Book

Unlike some therapists, I want to make sure you get the right therapy before you buy.
I offer a free 30-minute consultation so we can get to know each other first.

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