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The most common question we get asked relates to making online payments, and whether you can pay another way. We have explained why you might be having problems below. Please take a moment to read through our explanation before you contact us.

Unable to use the Stripe Payment Service

3D Secure Card Verification

Card verification is now a requirement. This means there is a stage in the payment process that needs you to verify that you are using your card, normally via a banking app on your phone. This is highly secure, and the app is provided by your bank, not by us.

Unfortunately, this causes the most problems, but it is a requirement of the banking system and is in place to protect you from fraud.

Without verification we are unable to take payment and therefore your card will be declined.

Please check your card details carefully before contacting us.

Online Services

If your card details are incorrect, if you are unable to verify your card, or if your card is declined for some other reason, then you will not be able to make a payment.

If your card is declined, for whatever reason, this will be outside of our control.
Please try another card.

If you are still having problems making an online payment, then please contact us via the form on this page explaining what problem you have. We will investigate your issue as quickly as we are able.

Please be aware that we have no alternative methods of payment for online services.

Face to Face Services

In exceptional circumstances, if you are paying for a service that will be delivered at Linda’s Bournemouth practice, you may be able to pay her on the day at her practice address. 

However, this is not the preferred way to pay as it uses up your valuable consultation time.

You will need to ask if it’s OK to pay on the day via email, otherwise Linda may decline your booking. Please ensure that you have your payment card with you on the day. Services won’t be provided without payment.

Online Purchasing Problem

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