Overcome Dental Phobias:
Rid yourself of the fear of dentists

Help with Dental Phobias

Do you want nice teeth and a healthy mouth?
Hypnotherapy can help you to rid yourself of the fear of dentists.

I’m a highly qualified hypnotherapist with years of experience in helping individuals conquer their dental fears and phobias. Let’s talk about the often-overlooked aspects of dental anxiety and share valuable insights to empower you on your path to getting dental care.

What is Dentophobia?

Dentophobia is a common irrational fear or phobia of going to the dentist. It’s very common and affects more women than men. It’s caused by an emotional upset, usually from childhood. It can also be triggered by an unpleasant experience at the dentist in the past.

The fear could be about one or more of the following:

  • Worries about experiencing pain
  • Feeling out of control with your mouth open
  • The sound of the drill or other instruments
  • The clinical smells in a dentist’s room
  • Feelings of helplessness and being out of control when sitting in the dental chair
  • Embarrassment and self-awareness of your teeth, your breath, or the closeness of the dentist
  • Gagging

When these worries and fears become stronger it becomes a phobia. People who have dental phobias will avoid the dentist. They have poor dental health resulting in tooth decay and gum disease. Visiting the dentist only becomes a necessity when they have bad toothache or an infection.

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Does this sound familiar?

Picture this: you have a toothache or have cracked a tooth and know that you need to see a dentist. Firstly, you might struggle to find a dentist if in the UK and using the National Health System (NHS). This gives you an excuse not to go, so you put up with the problem longer

You might say that you can’t afford dental care, so that will extend the time before you go to see a dentist. However, as time goes on, the cost may dramatically increase as your teeth deteriorate.

As the problem gets worse, you get grumpy and procrastinate. A toothache may affect your sleep. If you have an infection, you may feel hot, and tired and your face may swell. You might go off your food.

Nevertheless, you always seem too busy to sort out the dentist and you think that you can’t take time off work.

Eventually, a friend or partner makes the appointment for you, or if you are on a good day, or in terrible pain, you find a dentist. You realise that you might need to go to a private dentist.

So, now you’ve got a dental appointment looming on the horizon.

As you get closer to the appointment time, your heart races, your palms sweat, and your mind swirls with irrational fears. You might visualise past bad experiences or keep telling yourself negative things. You worry about what might happen.

Some people might cancel the appointment.

Does this scenario sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. Dental fears and phobias affect countless individuals across the world, making routine dental care a daunting experience for many.

In this article, I’ll delve into the less-explored facets of dental anxiety, sharing practical solutions and resources to help you understand, manage, and ultimately overcome your dental fears

The Unspoken Realities of Dental Fears

Most articles on dental fears highlight common symptoms and offer general advice like deep breathing or relaxation techniques. Sometimes doctors prescribe sedatives. However, I believe it’s crucial to address the more subtle, often unnoticed aspects of dental anxiety:

Root Causes: It could be more than just a toothache

Dental fears often stem from past traumatic experiences or anxiety disorders. Some people may have faced neglectful dental care during childhood, while others might have undergone painful procedures. I believe that addressing these root causes is key to developing effective solutions. Now this can be through talking about it using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and/or hypnosis.

Beyond the Physical Pain

I have found that dental stress and anxiety can have a profound emotional impact, leading to feelings of shame, embarrassment, and self-consciousness. Maybe you feel stupid in front of your partner, work colleagues, or children. I’ve met many people, especially men, who have been teased continually and given false, scary information by people who think that it’s funny to be scared.

If these negative emotions are bothersome, it’s essential to acknowledge these emotions and seek professional help to address them.

The impact on oral health: a vicious cycle

Avoiding dental visits due to fear can lead to deteriorating oral health. Maybe poor dental hygiene can lead to bad breath. Or if your teeth are very yellow or crooked, they may affect your confidence and photo opportunities. Sometimes your smile can affect your job opportunities as well.

Also, there are other dental conditions such as bruxism (teeth grinding) that can be helped with hypnosis.

Furthermore, neglecting dental check-ups and treatment may result in more extensive and costly dental issues down the line. Understanding this cycle is crucial for breaking free from stress and anxiety related to dental fears.

Hypnotherapy – The Untapped Solution

I have noticed that while many general articles mention traditional coping strategies like relaxation techniques or sedation, however, few explore the transformative potential of hypnotherapy. As a highly effective yet often overlooked tool, hypnotherapy can be a game-changer for some people in their battle against dental fears.

Often the problem with hypnosis is about the myths that unfortunately still surround the profession so it’s important to find out about hypnosis first by booking my free initial consultation or reading more on this website.

What many people don’t understand is that hypnotherapy harnesses the mind’s power to influence physical reactions, making it a potent tool for managing pain and anxiety during dental procedures. By tapping into the subconscious mind, hypnotherapy can help reframe dental experiences positively

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Building Trust and Confidence

Part of helping you with dental fears is helping you build trust and confidence in your dental care team. This newfound trust can significantly reduce anxiety and increase your comfort during appointments. No longer do you fear dentists, rather you want to work with them to get the best dental treatment as quickly as you can.

Therefore, I encourage open and honest communication with your dentist so that they can adjust their techniques and overall care to match their needs. I help you to feel more confident to discuss your fears with your dentist, ask questions, and work together to create a plan that accommodates your anxiety. For some people, they will feel calmer and able to discuss sedation options if that is what they want. A supportive dentist can make all the difference in your dental experience.

Long-lasting Results

My programme of hypnotherapy and CBT offers long-lasting benefits. As everyone is different it is vital to meet different peoples’ needs so my hypnotherapy is bespoke to you. Hypnotherapy equips you with the tools to manage your anxiety and any discomforts independently, making each dental visit progressively less daunting.

Hypnotherapy for Dental Phobias

Consistency Is Key

Consistency in dental care is crucial. Regular appointments and maintenance can help prevent major dental issues, reducing the chances of facing more extensive treatments that might trigger your fears.

Finally, dental fears and phobias are real challenges that affect many individuals, but they don’t have to hold you back from maintaining excellent oral health. By understanding the root causes, exploring the power of hypnotherapy, and increasing your dental education and awareness, you can take decisive steps toward conquering your fears.

I specialise in helping people with stress and anxiety issues such as dental fears and phobias, to feel calm and in control. As a retired nurse and hypnotherapist, I also have lots of knowledge and skills related to pain management.

Contact me for a free initial consultation and find out more. Together, we can awaken the change and transform your relationship with dental care.

Hypnotherapy Prices

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How to Book

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Hypnotherapy Sessions at My Practice

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I provide a safe, relaxing and calm environment where we can start to overcome your anxiety. The practice is easy to find, and plenty of free parking is available, as well as being on local bus routes.

However, your first free consultation will always be online, and many of my clients find this works better for them.

Online Hypnotherapy

Online hypnotherapy is worth considering, especially if you find it hard to travel or live outside the Bournemouth area.

I have been trained in providing online hypnotherapy and have clients from around the world. Providing you have access to a private internet connection and webcam; there is no reason why this wouldn't work for you.

Online hypnosis has many benefits, which include cost-effectiveness, comfort and practicality.

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