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If you are struggling with anxiety and can’t relax…or maybe you feel now is the time to change something in your life to feel better, Linda’s easy to use self-hypnosis downloads provide fast access at an affordable price.

Why wait and suffer anymore? Instead, search for the audio download that suits you best and start your recovery today.

Why would you choose these recordings over other downloads? Simply because you are much more likely to benefit from hypnosis downloads professionally recorded by an experienced hypnotherapist.

Instant Access

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Linda’s Hypnotherapy Downloads

The hypnosis MP3 downloads offered here are all professionally recorded by Linda. The hypnosis audio recordings Linda has created will appeal to many types of people. The language used is carefully selected to make it suitable for both male and female listeners.

Hypnotherapy, when delivered in this way, can be useful to those that wish to use self-hypnosis to help themselves to feel better. Audio downloads are convenient and affordable, allowing you to take advantage of hypnotherapy from the comfort of your home at a time that suits you.

Linda has answered some of the most common questions about using hypnotherapy audio below.

The benefits of choosing MP3 downloads are:

  • Hypnosis MP3 downloads can be purchased online here and access is almost immediate.
  • Lower cost compared to face to face hypnotherapy sessions.
  • You can listen to a sample of the recording before you buy.
  • You can listen to the recording as many times as you want to.
  • You can use it wherever you want, providing you are in a safe place where your full attention is not required.
  • Hypnotic MP3 downloads work for many people.
  • You can relax listening to the audio recording.
  • Self-help audios are produced to empower you to make change.
  • Techniques used are based on research and evidence.
  • Once downloaded you can transfer the file to your phone, tablet or other audio devices.
  • Linda offers plenty of choice with new recordings being added regularly.

Some Common Questions

Are hypnosis audios for you?

Most people choose Hypnosis MP3 downloads when they can’t easily get to a hypnotherapist or if they are looking for hypnosis at a lower price. Hypnosis audios are convenient, affordable and you can learn to help yourself to feel better.

Every method of accessing hypnosis has advantages and disadvantages. These recordings are ideal if you want to use self-hypnosis as a therapy. Maybe you want to feel you can control the time and place that you listen better. Or you just might feel happier making that change with hypnosis in your own time at home.

Hypnosis audio downloads are not suitable to buy if you have any mental health problems, epilepsy, heart or blood pressure problems. They are developed for adults. If in doubt always consult with your doctor before buying.

When are hypnosis audios appropriate to listen to?

You can listen to them any time in the day when you want to relax, and you know that you won’t be disturbed. Although hypnosis isn’t sleep, some people may fall asleep when listening to a hypnosis download so it might be a good idea to set an alarm clock if you have an appointment. The length of the recording is provided before purchasing.

When you go into hypnosis you may hear every word, or you may not. It doesn’t matter if you hear everything because hypnosis is not sleep, rather it’s a pleasant and relaxed daydreamy feeling.

For best results listen to your recording every day if you can for 21 days.

Is listening to hypnosis audio recordings safe?

Hypnosis audios are safe if you do not have any health problems such as epilepsy, mental health problems, heart problems or blood pressure problems, but you must use them in a responsible way. This means you should listen to the advice at the beginning of the audio. Added to this, you should not listen while driving, operating machinery or doing anything where your full attention is required.

Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon. We all go in and out of trance daily without realising it. For example, if you get engrossed in a good book or a film you may not notice someone coming into the room, that’s trance.

In hypnosis, you won’t lose control, although you might fall asleep, and it won’t mean that you are weak-minded or gullible just because you can relax and go into hypnosis. During the recording, if you want to cough, move your arm or come out of hypnosis you can. Hypnosis works if you want it to.

By listening to these hypnosis recordings you are choosing to go into hypnosis and use the positive suggestions given to make changes in your life. Always listen in a safe place where you won’t get disturbed and see your doctor if you have any health problems.

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