Making the right decisions: 5 easy tips to decide about online hypnotherapy

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Making the right decisions: 5 easy tips to decide about online hypnotherapy

Choosing the right path

Decisions; we all need to make a decision. Sometimes they are small decisions like choosing what to have for tea, but sometimes the decisions are much more significant, like changing careers or emigrating. But how do you contact a hypnotherapist, and then how do you get help with online hypnotherapy? Decisions about your health and well-being or needing help with performance issues might feel tricky.

My clients often say that they may have found it hard to decide what to do and where to seek help before contacting me.

Firstly, they have to decide whether to get help or not, and then they have to choose between me or others who offer similar services. Another consideration clients need to make these days is if they want online hypnotherapy.

Many people make a decision to go to a hypnotherapist when they have tried other approaches that haven’t helped, or they want a more natural way of taking control and making a change.

What is online hypnotherapy?

It’s a remote way of accessing hypnotherapy from anywhere in the world. It can be via hypnosis downloads, apps, or videoconferencing.

Online hypnosis has many benefits compared to hypnotherapy in the hypnotist’s office. For example, you don’t need to travel. you can choose anyone in the world that meets your needs, and your decisions may mean lower costs.

Where do you first search for an online hypnotherapy service?

Find online hypnotherapy through a Google search, look at practitioners’ websites, check directories or look at lists in hypnotherapy professional bodies. For example, in the UK, there is the National Hypnotherapy Society and the General Hypnotherapy Register, but there are many more professional bodies in the UK and worldwide.

Making decisions involves choices, knowledge, skills, the right situation and time.

You might be overwhelmed by the number of hypnotherapists now doing online work. So how can you make a difficult decision easier?

There are no guarantees that you will make the right decision because you ultimately need to be accountable and responsible for your choices, but there are things that can help you to make the best choice for you at the time.

Why can decision-making feels difficult?

A decision might feel tough because your emotions are involved. You might be feeling too stressed or anxious, and this is sending you around in circles. Furthermore, the consequences of making the wrong decision might be enormous. That could mean a financial loss.

Emotional mind and decision-makingMaking a decision to use the services of a hypnotherapist online may also be difficult if you haven’t used a hypnotherapist before and don’t know anyone who has.

Stage hypnosis complicates things more because you might think that you will be out of control and do silly things, as you have seen on the TV or in movies. Remember, the intention of a stage hypnotist is entertainment, and the intention of a hypnotherapist is to help people make a change and feel better.

So here are five ways to make decision-making easier when choosing online hypnotherapy.

1. Decide where you are now

Knowing where you are now makes it easier to decide what you need to do to go forward and make the right decision. It is worth checking with your doctor if you have a medical problem.

A list of goalsTip: Write down two bullet point lists. The first list is about everything you already know about hypnotherapy and online hypnotherapy. The second is about what you want to change.

2. Gather information to make a decision

If you don’t have enough information about a hypnotherapy product, for example, an MP3 download or a  hypnotherapy service, you may not make the right decision at the time.

So gather information. Find things out through questioning. Ask the why, what, where, and how type questions.

Ask friends, family or healthcare professionals about hypnotherapy or contact a hypnotherapist and ask for an initial consultation to discuss your needs. Ask those questions online if necessary. And you can always look for social proof. I offer a free initial consultation, and so do many other hypnotherapists to get questions answered.

But be aware that research has shown that too many choices and too much information can also make things difficult. For example, too much information may overwhelm people and affect mental health.

Factors in making a decisionSo if you are gathering information from a hypnotherapist, I would recommend a couple of initial consultations is probably enough.

Use all your senses to gather information to help you make the right choices. If the person doesn’t feel right, choose someone else.

3. Think about your internet set-up

Here are a few questions that might help.

Do you have the right equipment and experience to work online?

Do you have a fast internet connection?

Do you have a place where you can be online without interruption?

Is the hypnotherapist in your locality, or are you considering choosing a hypnotherapist somewhere far away? You will need to consider different time zones if they are in another country.

4. Have a chat online first

Some online therapists will offer a free consult or a quick connection with you to check that you can work together. This lets you see the person you are working with before purchasing their service.

5. Seek recommendations

Recommendations from trusted friends and family are good, but they may not have the same perspective as you do, so ensure that their information is set as a part of your information. Don’t let anyone coerce you or force you to do something that doesn’t fit your needs and expectations.

Finally, if you need help, make that decision. Choosing hypnotherapy online maybe more straightforward than you first thought.

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