Be a survivor and get the right mindset

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Be a survivor and get the right mindset

A key

2021 must be a better year. You are a survivor. You can make it happen.

Today I want to share some of my thoughts on how you can keep going during difficult times.

I want to inspire you to move forward in your life.

There are no easy answers, but you know things need to change.

Are you ready for the challenges ahead?

The key to success

Whether its personal or business success your key is within you.

At this difficult time, you might be feeling like you are dangling on a string. You might feel that more stress will mean that you will break that string that you are dangling on.

But there is always a key at the end of your string. Its the key that will continue to lead you to success. Believe that its there and you will find it.

I call it the learning key, because we all need to learn how to change and free ourselves from pain, emotions and negative thoughts and behaviours.

But learning might feel hard at times when you feel that you are dangling and waiting for something to happen.

So what can you do to find your survivors hat? What can you do to learn?

Stop comparing yourself to other people

Maybe you don’t feel good enough. You might have low confidence and low self-esteem. You might wish that you were like some people.

Other people might have said you aren’t good enough, but why should they judge you? Only you know if you have worked to a good enough standard. Only you know if you have given your best.

Perhaps you think you are too fat, too thin, too short or too tall. You could be right about some things, but you need some evidence to confirm it. On the other hand, somethings you can’t change and some situations you can’t change because they are not in your control. When you can’t change you need to accept things. Furthermore, do you really want to change these aspects of your life?

Some behaviours might need to change, for example, stop smoking or stop worrying, to enable you to start this amazing domino effect of change.

Everyone is unique. You have unique skills, different amounts of knowledge to others, different attitudes and different experiences so we can’t all be the same.

So stop comparing yourself to others who have more money, a better business or relationships.

Know what you need and what you want. Needs and wants are different.

If you want to change you don’t need to do the same as other people.

Stop your negative thoughts

You might say that is easier said than done. True it can be difficult for some people.

Start by listening to your inner critic. What are you telling yourself over and over again that isn’t helpful.  Are you reinforcing these difficult times? We can’t be positive every minute of the day but we can decide to be positive more often.

Tell yourself to change the unhelpful negative thoughts.

Write down the negative thoughts. Start a personal journal, but do keep it safe if you are writing down lots of personal things that you wouldn’t want to share.

Negativity breeds negativity and negativity is infectious.

Your limitations are in your head. You might have mindset blocks.

I’m wondering which mindset gives you the most freedom?

Beliefs shape your mindset. Changing your state of mind means that you can continually learn and develop.

Do you believe you can survive these difficult times?

If that’s difficult to learn,  get a mentor, counsellor or another therapist to help yourself change and see things from a different perspective.

Consider how much you have achieved so far

If you are feeling that you have lost things now like your job, money, or even loved ones remember that you have lost things in the past and you can find and achieve things in the future.

Maybe you can list all the skills and knowledge that you have gained from a job, a relationship or a sport.

If you have a business that is about to fold consider the knowledge, skills and learning you gained. Is it time to let go of that and move to something else or is it worth the fight? It’s about weighing up risks and benefits but be aware that in this uncertain world, not everything will go to plan. However you have transferrable skills that you can take with you.

All you can do is to realise how much you learnt in the past so you can learn more in the future.

Achievements are successes that you unlocked for you. You got those successes because you wanted them and you found a way to get them.

You have survived other things so you can survive today.

Be grateful. You could write down a list of all the things that you are grateful for today as it will help

Sometimes we need to ask for help. That’s ok as long as you get the right help because it will be you who makes decisions and decides to change.

Look for inspiration

Notice the survivors around you. You can’t be the same as them because you aren’t the same as them but you can observe the way they speak that helps them get success.

When you listen to famous people they often had difficult times before they became famous. Get inspired by their stories.

But your neighbours, your friends and colleagues also have stories that can inspire.

I often find the quotes of Henry Foord inspire me. What quotes of others might help you to change your mindset?

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.

Is it something about their behaviours and their energy that gets them there? What motivates them?

Most business people will have worked hard for a long time to get to where you see them now so you will probably need to work hard as well to achieve your goals. But you can dream too and find the key to your success.

Let nature inspire you. Breathe the fresh air. See how plants rejuvenate themselves. Feel the energy of the sunshine. Animals and insects also can inspire us. Have you ever wondered about the determination and teamwork that goes into building an ant’s nest? I have dogs that inspire me.

Technology can also be inspirational. Whether you are inspired by robots, electronics or space travel there are lots of things that bring you ideas and amaze you. I use technology as I find TED talks informative and uplifting.

Self-care is important because our bodies and minds need to work in harmony to get the best results. So if you want success you need to eat well, sleep well and get a balance between work and relaxation. If you struggle to relax listen to relaxing music. A hypnosis download might help.

Use your creative brain

Don’t underestimate the value of diversity.

If you want more inspiration to become more creative again you will need to think in a different way.

If you have a business that is struggling assist your staff to become more creative and find different ways of working to survive.

Use your childlike mindset.

Be curious. Be adventurous. Look forward to the future with the curiosity of a child.

If you want to become more creative to reduce stress and help yourself to find solutions start a new hobby, sing, paint or dance, anything that allows you to find enjoyment and survive.

Finally, although there is much pain and misery around we are humans and we will survive. Do something to change today and feel better.

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