7 tips to help you refocus in 2021

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7 tips to help you refocus in 2021

A lens to help you refocus

As we enter 2021 many people will be pleased to move to a new year as 2020 and the Pandemic has brought misery and difficulties to many people around the world.

Believe that you are in the era of change now, and you can move from stress to relaxation and peace. As Will Rogers says:

Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today. Will Rogers.

Here are 7 tips to help you if you want to make changes in life. It’s based on my Awaken the Change Refocus Formula.

Awaken the Change.

Focusing minds for positive results.

1. Recognise

The first tip is about recognising that you need to change something.

Commonly people want to change behaviours at this time of the year. For example, some people want to lose weight, to get fitter, or to stop smoking. Perhaps you want less pain. Other people want to get some relief from their emotional grief.

This is about moving away from what you believe is wrong to something that you believe is right.

Other people recognise that they have a change in mood or are feeling anxious because they are overthinking things. You might recognise that you have a negative mindset or you keep thinking about an event too much.

Sometimes people recognise that they have a bad attitude that is causing them problems in life. Maybe that attitude is displayed through anger, self-defeating behaviours such as smoking or drinking too much alcohol.

When you recognise something you focus on the aspects of the issue that are causing you that physical and emotional pain.

You might notice that your habit is costing you a lot of money or your attitude is getting you into a lot of trouble. Maye the problem is resulting in low confidence and low self-esteem. You know that something has to change but how? Have you got the motivation to change? Is it the right time to change?

When the negative aspects of the problem outweigh the positive reasons for change you are contemplating action. But it still might not turn into a goal and achievement.

You also need to recognise the barriers to change. For example, what’s stopping you from stopping smoking? Is it the smoking groups that you mix with? Is it the need to take yourself away from stress with the cigarette used as the diversion from what is really happening in your life? Or maybe you haven’t got any support.

So take a few moments to focus on the issue. Is the hurt bigger than the reason for not changing?  If it isn’t then all the planning and telling yourself that you want to change may not happen.

So start with recognising the positive and negative aspects of you making that change.

2. Energise

The next tip is to consider your energy.

Have you got the energy to change?

But what is energy?

Energy can be described in many ways. In physics its described as a movement. It can start things working. It is linked to power, force, strength and might.

Energy psychologists believe that it’s about the force within us that includes the electrical movement within our bodies and the energy field around us. Through techniques such as Thought Field or Emotional Freedom Techniques energy points in the body are stimulated and are said to reduce hyperarousal.

Although there is controversy about the effect of complementary therapies relating to energy, energy psychology has helped people to change, this is used in many cultures to help people refocus and rebalance. Furthermore, evidence is growing to the benefits of its use.

Positive psychologists believe that the energy comes from our emotional state.

So are you energised and motivated to change? Do you want to move and to use your own power?

Motivation is more than having enough willpower. If all we needed was willpower alone everything would be easier. We also need unconscious drivers of change.

So tap into your energy and motivate yourself to change.

How can I get motivated?

Consider this…

Some people are motivated to change through goal setting.

Is this a motivator for you? If it is then you might consider writing down some goals that will help. These goals should be SMART goals – Specific, Measured, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

Other people are motivated by consequences. Is this you? If you leave everything to the last minute you might be motivated by consequences.

Learning about motivation will help you to get motivated!

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Nelson Mandela.

Research has shown that external motivators like money and more possessions might help in some cases for you to feel temporarily better but there are also studies based on the undermining effect that does the opposite. However, internal reasons for change are generally better.

So if you want to improve your intrinsic motivation get interested in the subject. Maybe you could even watch someone who loves doing the task that you want to do.

One view of motivation comes from Abraham Maslow. In this theory motivation to get to self-actualisation begins by having the basic needs in place.

This start with having enough food and shelter.  This is because it seems pointless to think about changing aspects of your life until you have physical energy derived from the right food intake. You also need to feel that you are worthy of the effort of change.

Motivation leads to satisfaction.

Barriers to motivation include depression and procrastination. If you feel depressed you should get a health check. If you are procrastinating a counsellor or hypnotherapist can help.

To refocus for 2021 you need to find out what drives you or what motivates you as you need that energy to change.

3. Find support

Tip number 3 is about getting support.

Change that feels difficult needs the support of genuine people that are not going to judge you.

To meet your goals you may need support from family and friends or professional people.

Just by telling people that you are intending to change something will help you to be more successful.

4. Options

Tip number 4 is about you considering your options.

Options are about choices.

What choices do you have? You might think that you don’t have any options but that often isn’t true. Maybe you haven’t considered all the options. Or perhaps your goal is unrealistic at this time.

Sometimes there is no option to change a situation that you might be in.

But there is always the option to change your perspective on it.

This might mean changing your attitude to the problem or reframing the issue so that you can remove the barriers to change.

Take some time to consider your options and get help if you feel stuck.

5. Conquer

Tip number 5 is about conquering the barriers.

Here are a few barriers you may need to tackle for effective change to happen:

  • A lack of clear vision. What do you really want to change?
  • Your environment. This can be the physical environment or cultural environment. Is it right for your change?
  • Poor communication. Do people know what you want?
  • Knowledge and skills. Have you got enough evidence that the change is a good thing in your situation for you?
  • Mindset. Do you believe that you can make the change and maintain it? Maybe you need to do some self-talk to remind yourself that you are in control of your life? Our thoughts will help to drive us forward to our goals.
  • Financial barriers. Where will you get financial support if needed? Have you weighed up the costs against the benefits?
  • Other people. Are there relationships that will stop you from changing?

You can conquer the barriers to change once you know what they are.

6. Utilise

You need to find resources and use them. For example, if your goal is to stop smoking you might choose to vape or you might see a hypnotherapist.

If your goal is to lose weight you might use a support group or you might use the services of a fitness trainer.

If you want to feel more confident you might do a course on confidence or you might get help from a counsellor.

So tip number 6 is to use what is available to help you refocus and achieve your goals.

7. Synergise

The final tip is to bring everything together and make it happen. Many people find that they need to write this down. Although this is good practice you need to keep it where you can regularly see it and check that you are still heading in the right direction.

So in summary, you need to recognise the problem and the solution.

You need to consider your energy levels. You need to be ready and able to visualise that change.

Next, you need to find support because going it alone can be more difficult.

Develop a list of options because there are choices. Write it all down if you need to to keep focused.

Conquer the barriers. This might mean changing your environment or your mindset, or both.

Utilise your resources.  This includes people, places, opportunities and your knowledge and skills.

Finally, pull it all together and make it happen!

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