Are your beliefs helping or hindering your progress?

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Are your beliefs helping or hindering your progress?

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With a New Year approaching, it’s a good time to reflect on the old year and consider your thoughts and actions.

Is what you are thinking and believing stopping you from making progress in life? These are big questions. But sometimes we all need to stop and think about ourselves as this will help us to change and progress in the future.

Today I am sharing some of my beliefs.

What are beliefs?

Beliefs are your thoughts and actions that underpin how you live your life.

Beliefs can be about religious beliefs but in this context, It’s about your trust and faith in yourself.

Sometimes negative beliefs are not true but you think they are because previous experiences may not be helpful and you end up in a vicious cycle of negativity.

Consider your core beliefs

What do you believe? I believe I am good but I’m not perfect. Furthermore, I try always to keep my emotional and physical life balance.

I believe in working to achieve not only the financial aspects of life but also health and wellbeing and the spiritual aspects of life.

I believe that our minds are very powerful as we can make ourselves feel sad or happy when thinking. This is why I became a hypnotherapist, counsellor and coach.

I believe in change, not for the sake of change but to learn and develop.

Reflect on your journey so far

I have a positive mindset for working hard. I love working, but that belief is only part of my journey because I also love learning and I believe in better. This is my story…

Many years ago I was working as a nurse in Bournemouth. At that time I was working as an ophthalmic nurse. I loved ophthalmic nursing. I met amazing people; staff, patients and carers. I learnt so much and I enjoyed sharing my knowledge.

As I progressed I realised that people would often come to me for advice or support. I knew that the people around me were important. But I was searching for something more than nursing, giving advice and education. I didn’t know what at that time.

Over the years I followed the usual two routes of education and management in the healthcare arena. My experiences played with all my emotions. I studied for a diploma, a degree and then a masters degree! And I’m currently studying for an MSc in Psychology.

Over the years, I completed counselling courses and then a diploma in hypnotherapy, coaching courses and I have done many other courses since. I have also completed an MSc in Research in Hypnosis, Medicine and Clinical Practice.

I married and had two wonderful children who have always supported me in what I have decided to do.

I have made many great friends.

Consequently, I learnt a lot about people and myself.

I believe in progress

People used to say to me ‘Linda, Why do you do so much. How do you fit it all in?’ For years I couldn’t answer those questions. I just did what I thought I needed to do.

For 10 years I worked with four other nurses to develop an international ophthalmic nursing journal and I continued to work as a nurse full time.

I started my own hypnotherapy, coaching and counselling business in 2006/7 and I worked at home on my time off from my full-time job. Yet it didn’t feel like I was working all those hours because I enjoyed what I was doing. I knew that I could help people to help themselves.

But I also believed that I didn’t know enough. This hindered me in some ways because I didn’t believe in my abilities. It was a self-limiting belief. I allowed this thought to change when I had gathered some evidence that most people were feeling better after using my services. So I continued to learn.

I believe in life-long learning

Today I believe that the only person that can make your life is yourself.

It requires an awareness of self and personal development, and sometimes a lot of hard work. But it’s worth it for what you can achieve.

I have reframed my thoughts about not knowing enough because I now have plenty of evidence of my learning through courses and my successful work with different people. Now I seek to understand others beliefs as much as my own.

I believe that you need to stop and reflect on your life and understand that every chapter is valuable

Over the years I changed jobs a few times and continued to meet all types of people. I even went to work in Australia for a few years. Wow! That was my biggest challenge but worth every moment for the experiences and people I met.

I believed that I could live and work in Australia and I succeeded.

I believe you can fulfil dreams and desires if you stay focused

I now work full time in my business. I still live in Bournemouth and I have my offices. I help individuals and businesses to invest in the future and make the change. I specialise in reducing stress-related problems, anxiety and bereavement and loss.

Are you like me? Do you believe that you have the power to change things or your attitude towards them? And do you want to learn more? Perhaps you believe that you need to do a bit more work sometimes to get to where you want to be?

What evidence have you obtained through your experiences and reflections on life that have developed your beliefs?

Enabling beliefs drive us and limiting beliefs hinder us. Have you got any limiting beliefs that you need to change? I wonder do you just see the problems or are you looking for solutions?

My business, Awaken the Change, helps you find the solutions to business problems such as poor performance, rising levels of sickness and difficulties reducing workplace stress.

I also help individuals with work and personal issues such as anxiety, lack of confidence, insomnia, IBS and stopping smoking, bereavement and much more.

So I wonder are your beliefs helping or hindering your progress?

If you need to change and want help contact me for a free initial consultation.



Awaken the Change is about Focusing Minds for Positive Results

Awaken the Change is a self-help service providing education and information.

Linda sees clients at her practice in Bournemouth, in the UK. She is also happy to provide online help via webcam for hypnotherapy, counselling and supervision. Counselling and supervision can also be provided by telephone.

Linda is an accredited trainer and supervisor.

Linda Witchell
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