Hypnotherapy: Improve your Business Performance

Nov 18, 2020Anxiety, Business Matters, Stress

Hypnotherapy: Improve your Business Performance

Are you a business owner, professional or someone who wants to develop?

If the answer is yes please read on because hypnotherapy is much more than a way of stopping smoking or losing weight.

This blog will provide 10 tips on developing your business performance.

If you want to improve your business performance you need to start with an assessment of you because personal growth links to business success.

Research shows that it’s about developing your strengths.

It’s about paying attention to yourself and monitor your success, just the same as you would manage a business.

During these awful times of COVID19 and the pandemic, our jobs and livelihoods have been put to the test. This can cause financial and personal problems. So how can you survive and grow?

Start by taking control of the things that you can control and accepting the things that you can’t control.

Look at your business performance.

Find your strengths and learn to be the best that you can be.

How can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnosis is a tool that can help you focus your mind and with positive suggestions change the things that you want to change.

Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy, although some people may call it an alternative therapy.

And there is lots of research and evidence to support its use in a wide range of circumstances especially anxiety, personal development, and pain management.

Hypnotherapy is relaxing and will help your mind and your body.

Hypnosis is pleasant.

You will not be out of control or asleep. You will not bark like a dog or cluck like a chicken! (It’s definitely not stage hypnosis!). Rather it’s a nice daydreamy state that helps you develop the things that you want to change.

So hypnotherapy is great for boosting your business performance because it focuses your attention and stops those pesky mind monkeys that keep telling you you aren’t good enough.

How can I use hypnotherapy to improve my business performance?

The three key areas that hypnosis can help you to improve your business performance are:

  • Focusing on the things you want not the things that you don’t want in your life
    • You use your imagination
  • De-stressing and developing your skills and strengths
    • You learn to relax your mind and your body
  • Helping you to improve personal issues
    • You learn to change things in your personal life that are impacting on your business life

You might be asking yourself a few questions now especially with the changes to working practices and job losses with the pandemic. Do you still want to work in the same place, with the same people for do something different where you can transfer your knowledge and skills? What do you need from a job? Is it financial gain, friends, a sense of achievement, or something else?

This blog is not about changing your job although you might want to do that in the future. (Unfortunately we all know that currently, some people do not have many choices).

This blog is about you considering the benefits of self-improvement related to your business success.

Better business performance starts with reducing the fear and knowing what you want.

Hypnotherapy is a partnership that can help you to get there. Alternately you can practise self-hypnosis with hypnosis audio downloads.

Here are 10 ways that hypnotherapy can help your business performance

Build your confidence

If you improve your confidence at work you can achieve more. Some people feel nervous about speaking to their boss so they never express their views and fail to let others see how good they are.

Confidence and self-esteem come from within. If you learn to feel confident with yourself at work you can achieve more.

Set your goals

Setting your goals is about knowing what you want. It’s about direction and monitoring.

If you run your own business are you too stressed to focus? Are you missing the first important steps? Have you got a plan?

Hypnotherapy helps you to use your imagination, assess the benefits and go towards what you want. For some people, it might be about remembering previous successes.

Once you have set the goals you can then measure them more easily.

Improve your public speaking skills

Are you one of those people who dread being asked to speak in a meeting or other public area? Do you always find an excuse not to address the team or give a presentation?

Does public speaking make you feel anxious?

Many people need to improve their public speaking skills.

Failure to improve public speaking will mean that you miss opportunities to develop yourself and others. Furthermore, how will people really know how good you really are?

Hypnotherapy can help you to reduce the stress and anxiety related to public speaking.

Improve decision-making

Some decisions are really difficult. They may involve financial investment, time and many resources. But we all know that sometimes we need to make a decision even if it feels difficult. Nevertheless, if we make a decision to do nothing, we have taken control.

If you make decisions in your business we hope that most times they will be the right decisions at that time. Making decisions often involves collecting information, standing back and considering all views and getting other people to help you. You need choices, although not too many that overwhelm you.

Hypnotherapy helps you to relax and deal with emotional issues.  If you can’t sleep hypnotherapy can help because we all make better decisions on a good night’s sleep.

Boost creativity

When people are relaxed they are able to develop their creative skills. Famous artists use hypnosis. It’s even reported that Albert Einstein used hypnosis.

Furthermore, in the global market creativity is considered one of the top requirements of modern-day organisations.

If creativity is important in your job hypnosis could help you see a way forward.

Confront your fear of rejection

We all get rejected at some time in our lives. But when you or your ideas get rejected at work it can feel awful. If you have put a lot of hard work into something that can make it seem a 100 times worse.

No one likes to be rejected because its part of being a human to feel wanted, liked and to fit in.

But it happens.

If you have been rejected you need to learn from it and move on, but that isn’t always so easy. We all try different techniques to get over a rejection but it still hurts.

Some people turn into ‘people pleasers’.

Some people might even develop a fear or phobia of being rejected.

Hypnotherapy can help to change the fear and boost your confidence and determination to go on.

Develop a healthy lifestyle

If you are not eating well, not exercising and feel out of sorts the first step is to get a health check. If your health isn’t at its best your business performance is probably not at its best either.

Yet all these things could be due to lifestyle choices.

If you eat the wrong foods and don’t exercise you can put on weight.

If you develop bad habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol to excess your body won’t perform well and over time will result in bad health.

Hypnotherapy can support you to reduce your weight and motivate you to exercise. It can also help with stopping bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol.

Reduce stress and anxiety

Have you got lots of deadlines? Is the pressure on at work? Do you feel like you are drowning in work? If this is you prolonged stress and anxiety can have a negative impact on your health and performance.

Some people try to work harder and harder when they are overwhelmed with too much work. They might cope for a while, but eventually, the stress will have an impact on other areas in their lives. For example, some people have relationship issues. Some people start getting lots of coughs and colds. Maybe sleeping is affected.

The problem is that everyone has different thresholds related to stress. So one person will be able to tolerate a lot more demands on them than another person. Only you know how much work stress you are under. If it’s too much you need to act to reduce it.

Hypnotherapy can help to reduce stress and anxiety. It can also help you to reflect on what you are doing, find new ways and generally look after yourself.

Stop procrastination

Many people say that they haven’t got enough time, yet sometimes that is because of procrastination.

If you have got a project at work to complete you might be falling behind with it due to procrastination.

Procrastination often happens because you come up to a barrier. Maybe you can’t work something out. So you worry. The more you think and worry so the more you avoid doing what you know you need to do.

Procrastination makes us feel anxious and frustrated.

So if you are struggling to find enough time is it because you are stuck in a cycle of procrastination?

If you need help to get out of the rut, counselling or hypnotherapy can help.


Good communication is at the heart of all good businesses. It ensures that the mission of the business is expressed and helps people to understand and do what is expected.

Good communication is everyone’s responsibility in business. From the directors to managers and to all other workers communication is important.

If you suffer from social anxiety this can impact your communication skills with work colleagues. Social anxiety results in you feeling awkward with colleagues or not even engaging with them. You don’t know what to say or what to do. You feel embarrassed.

If teamwork is a vital element of your business success you need to improve your communication skills. Therefore tackling social anxiety and learning to communicate better is important to progress.

Other forms of communication such as form filling in, emailing and writing reports may also make you worry. If this is you you need to find new ways to improve your business success. Hypnotherapy can help.

Finally, just as with any other successful business, you need to identify your strengths and needs and monitor your achievements. Learn what works and what doesn’t.

Discover hypnotherapy at Awaken the Change, and find out how it might help you.








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