How much does hypnotherapy cost?

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How much does hypnotherapy cost?

Hypnotherapy costs

Many people ask, ‘How much does hypnotherapy cost’.

That’s a good question if you have a limited budget or want to assess the value of a service like hypnotherapy.

What do we mean when we think of costs?

The word cost generally is a negative word to many people because it’s about the loss of finance. This is because we always assess a loss over the amount of gain that can be had.

We always assess costs because we know we need a certain level of money to survive.

Costs also include value elements such as trust, honesty and professionalism. It’s about valuing the service, but the problem is that many people have little knowledge of hypnotherapy. In fact, it is common for people to transfer their knowledge of stage hypnosis gained by watching movies or going to stage performances, which is very different from clinical hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy intends to provide help through therapy and hypnosis, while stage hypnosis intends to provide entertainment and hypnosis to make you laugh.

Is the financial cost worth not getting help?

Is doing nothing an option? You probably have already gone down this route.

If you are worried about something and haven’t found a way out, then getting help is a good idea.

What services are there to help you with this problem? Will other services help by giving you enough time, evening and fast appointments? For example, counselling may be a good option as the price is often lower than hypnotherapy, but you will likely need many more appointments if you visit a counsellor. Six to twenty-four sessions would not be unusual for counselling or psychotherapy.

Are there other ways of considering costs?

Yes. You could think of hypnotherapy services as an investment.

It could be an investment in your health and emotional well-being.

It could be like insurance because it can help you reduce the risks of future health problems and financial burdens.

This is easier to consider if you think about a smoker. Getting help to stop smoking will have an initial financial cost, but it will also save you money and your health in the future when you quit.

If you have anxiety and are scared of public speaking, tackling this problem with hypnotherapy could lead to more job opportunities.

Anyone with exam or test anxiety will have a better chance of passing if they reduce their anxiety and relax. This is all possible with the help of hypnotherapy.

What do UK hypnotherapists charge?

As most UK hypnotherapists are private practitioners, they can charge any amount; however, an average price of one session might be £80 for an hour. But some hypnotherapists charge more for evening and weekend appointments, while others charge more for appointments in their office.

You also need to discuss the number of sessions required as it is often more than one. An average might be 4 or 5 sessions, according to the issue you seek help for.  Stop smoking can be one or two sessions.

Stop smoking services will cost more and could range from £150 to hundreds of pounds.

Yet it is difficult to compare hypnotherapists’ prices as they will vary according to the cost and how the hypnotherapy is delivered, by the hour, in packages, or programmes.

Sometimes there will be offers or discounts.

Some additional help may be offered, including digital downloads, and they may be included in the price or charged separately.

Hypnotherapy may cost more from hypnotherapists who reside in cities as those hypnotherapists may have more overheads with offices etc.

And the last thing that will influence the price that the hypnotherapist charges may be the therapist’s experience, specialisms and qualifications. Many hypnotherapists have additional qualifications. These therapists could also be counsellors, doctors, or complementary therapists.

Finally, some health insurance memberships may support the cost of hypnotherapy, so this is often worth checking when considering costs.

How to deal with costs?

Before you pay, many hypnotherapists offer a free initial consultation (often called a discovery call). This will give you a feeling of ‘try before you buy’. This consultation could be via the telephone, in person in an office or by videoconferencing call. This helps you weigh the costs and possible gains and ask questions.

Some hypnotherapists offer a reduced price if you book and pay for more than one session at a time.

Some hypnotherapists charge less for online sessions; however, you will always have reduced costs if you choose online services as you will not have associated travel costs.

Notice the extras you may be offered, for example, an audio recording.

Consider if there is easy access at times that are convenient for you.

Finally, just like purchasing any item, you need to believe it will help you solve the problem and make an assessment against the physical or emotional gains.

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