5 Reasons you should quit vaping with hypnotherapy

Mar 22, 2023Hypnotherapy Information and Advice

5 Reasons you should quit vaping with hypnotherapy

Stop Smoking MP3Recently on the news, there have been lots of talk about children vaping. But what are the reasons why you should stop using E-cigarettes?

Let’s start by explaining the terminology because e-cigarettes are battery-operated devices called vapes, vape pens, vaporisers or e-cigs. They are devices that contain water, glycol, a glycerine liquid and other additives such as colourants. Some contain nicotine and or flavourings and aren’t made to medical standards.

E-cigarettes come in all shapes and sizes but are usually small hand-held devices.

E-cigarettes are an alternative to smoking tobacco.

Maybe you have wanted to stop smoking for a long time but felt it was too difficult, so you went on to vaping.

Today this is an accepted thing to do, but what are the pros and cons of vaping?

This blog gives you some information so you can make the right choices.

Positive aspects of vaping

Compared to cigarettes, there are benefits to stopping smoking and changing to e-cigarettes.

  1. Vaping helps some people quit smoking.
  2. The main benefit is that you don’t get all the harmful chemicals with vaping as you would with a cigarette containing tobacco. Cigarettes contain tar and carbon monoxide, but e-cigarettes don’t have these chemicals.
  3. Vaping is cheaper than buying tobacco.
  4. They also smell and taste better than ordinary cigarettes.
  5. A study published in the Annals of Internal medicine (2018) found that people who changed to e-cigarettes over six months had health benefits from swapping.
  6. The health service supports people moving to vaping.
  7. You can buy nicotine-free vapes.
  8. Vapes are readily available in shops in most towns and supermarkets.

But even with this list of positive aspects of vaping, doctors are increasingly finding that there are many negative aspects of vaping.

What are the negative aspects of vaping?

Using e-cigarettes is not risk-free.

  1. There are now recorded health concerns. Everyone is different, but people report throat and mouth irritations, coughs, headaches and nausea. There are also reports of increasing lung problems such as asthma. There is also an effect on the lungs called popcorn lung. E-cigarettes can cause heart disease and strokes. There have also been reports of allergies and erectile dysfunction.
  2. E-cigarettes still contain nicotine, a chemical that has known health and addiction issues so people can become addicted.
  3.  Some devices have added risks as they have been known to explode or catch fire.
  4. While using e-cigarettes, you act as a role model to young people, and there has been an increase in teenagers using them.
  5. Vaping could lead to smoking cigarettes and tobacco
  6. It is too early to know if flavoured vapes are harmful, but their long-term toxicity is generally unknown
  7. They are attracting non-smokers.
  8. E-cigarettes have different regulations across the world.

If you want to stop vaping, hypnotherapy could be the help you need to stop for good.

Hypnotherapy is a natural alternative to medication. If practised by a qualified practitioner, it is a safe procedure that allows you to take control and use the power of your mind to change.

Hi, I’m Linda from Awaken the Change. I have been helping people to quit smoking for 17 years, and today, I also help people to stop vaping. For more information on stopping, contact me and book an appointment for a free initial consultation via Zoom or telephone.


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