5 Reasons why a good work environment is essential

Sep 27, 2023Business Matters, Other

5 Reasons why a good work environment is essential

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Recently, I talked with one of my supervisees about the importance of the environment because I know that a good working environment is essential for both the therapist and the client.

This topic arose because we discussed an office where she needed to work. This office needed to be decorated and cleaned. She felt uncomfortable working there and felt compelled to clean and tidy the office even though she only visited and saw a client for an hour.

A clean and aesthetically pleasing environment is good for therapists and others. There are benefits to you and your employer. Or if you are like my supervisee, benefits if you are self-employed.

So, what is your working environment like?

Do you need to change something to feel better?

If you are unhappy where you work, have you got a plan to do something about it?

Who can you talk to?

Do you feel stuck?

What options could you explore?

No action means things will stay the same.

The therapist I was talking to had a plan. She spoke to me, her supervisor and could solve the problem easily and feel better.

Benefits of a good working environment

Of course, I am always interested in better mental health, but other reasons might not always be obvious. For this person, supervision is part of being a therapist, but you might not have regular supervision, so you need to be aware of the reasons for a good working area.

Let’s delve into the reasons why you should have a good working environment.

It boosts your productivity.

Being more organised saves time and money because you can find things more easily and get more things done without frustration.

If your work environment is well-designed, it can keep you motivated and focused on what you must do. Furthermore, if you are in a clean, well-designed and comfortable work environment, you are likelier to enjoy your work and keep going rather than stop or lose interest.

One study found that a good work environment can improve employee performance and achievement (Zenjing et al., 2022).

It increases your creativity.

Studies have shown that bright, welcoming colours, natural light, links to nature and a comfortable workplace will increase creativity. Now, you might say I’m not in a job like a graphic designer, so why would I need to be creative? However, being creative can also mean finding new ways of working. It might mean that you work smarter.

A recent study by Marzan et al. (2023) found that it was workplace design is the main predictor of creativity.

It improves your mental and physical health and well-being.

If your environment is suitable for the job you do, you will have fewer injuries and better health. For example, many years ago, when I was a nurse, nurses lifted patients, but today, hoists save many years of back pain for nurses.

Sedentary workers can also suffer ill health if their desks are not positioned correctly, or the lighting on their computer screen is poor.

It improves teamwork and collaboration.

People work better together when they feel happy and comfortable in their workplace.

It improves job satisfaction.

When people are happy in their jobs, they feel satisfied and are more likely to stay, so reducing staff turnover and preventing extra stress on those who remain.

Finally, if you feel stressed or anxious with your job and need to talk, I provide hypnotherapy, counselling and coaching that can help. Book a free initial consultation and find out more.

Linda Witchell helps people feel more optimistic in life.

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