Face to face vs online hypnotherapy

May 29, 2020Hypnotherapy Information and Advice, Online Hypnotherapy

Face to face vs online hypnotherapy

Questions about online hypnotherapy?

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have decided to offer their services online and interest in online hypnosis has soared. Yet a lot of people may not have realised is that some hypnotherapists have offered hypnosis online for years.

What can online hypnotherapy help with?

If you are thinking about hypnosis to help you with an anxiety problem, a habit, a phobia, personal development, a medical condition or something else online hypnosis can help. However, you probably now have no choice unless your country has lifted its lockdown.

This dilemma may trigger more questions.

But is online hypnosis really that different to face to face hypnosis? Are there any benefits or difficulties having hypnotherapy online?

This blog aims to answer some of the questions that you may have.

Let’s start with a basic question.

What is online hypnosis?

Online hypnosis is hypnosis via phone or videoconferencing platforms. But most hypnotherapists choose to use videos so they can see the client.

Online hypnotherapy is also called remote hypnosis, tele-hypnosis, tele-health, Skype hypnosis, Skypnenosis, and videoconferencing hypnosis. There is also another term; virtual hypnosis. But this usually applies to digital imaging using a virtual headset and it resembles some of the video games so this is not included here.

Hypnosis can also be accessed via apps and audio recordings. This means that the hypnotherapist isn’t with you at the time of listening. This blog will only focus on the delivery of hypnosis via videoconferencing.

So to answer the question, online hypnosis is the delivery of hypnosis remotely in real-time. The same as face to face hypnosis it involves a hypnotherapist and a client. It’s just that you are not in the same room as your therapist.

What are the benefits of online hypnosis?

There are many benefits for the client and the hypnotherapist. For example. there is no travelling so reducing travelling costs and helping the environment. Online hypnotherapy is also convenient because you and the hypnotherapist can choose a mutually convenient time to work together in the comfort of your own home. For disabled people with mobility problems, online hypnosis improves accessibility to services.

Besides no travelling, online hypnotherapy can be considerably cheaper when accessed from a therapist based in a different country where prices are lower. However, there must be consideration of the standard of service offered so that you can make balanced comparisons. But whichever way you choose to find a hypnotherapist online hypnotherapy can be a cost-effective method of accessing a service.

You will also get a better choice with online hypnotherapy because you can choose to work with someone from anywhere in the world. That might be especially important for you if you are looking for an expert in the field. It also gives you a chance to check their qualifications, professional membership, prices and any reviews. Not all hypnotherapists use the same techniques. So if you are looking specifically for say CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) hypnosis you can search for that too.

Many hypnotherapists are trained to help a huge array of problems. But they might only advertise their speciality. If you want a hypnotherapist in your locality you could contact them to find out if they can help with your problem as they may not advertise everything that they can do.

So the benefits of hypnosis online are:

  • Convenience
  • Choice
  • Comfort in your own home
  • Cost-effectiveness

What are the benefits of face to face hypnosis?

Besides the quality of the service, some people suggest that there is better rapport or working alliance with someone that you can see face to face. Yet other people say that online hypnotherapy is more about finding new or faster ways of developing rapport. Another view is that maybe the rapport has already been built when you first contact the hypnotherapist. The therapist’s professionalism, integrity and experience will also help. Maybe you already feel confident with the hypnotherapist because you have had a good recommendation from someone you trust. This recommendation will help both the online and face to face experience.

So the main benefit of face to face hypnotherapy is that human interaction and rapport building that you get from the hypnotherapist.

What are the problems with online hypnosis?

As with face to face hypnosis you need to want hypnosis and be willing to change. Also, the same as face to face hypnosis, hypnotherapy must be right for you. For example, most hypnotherapists will not hypnotise someone with epilepsy or psychosis. Furthermore, if it’s likely that you have a medical problem you will be advised to see your doctor first as hypnotherapists don’t diagnose medical conditions.


The most important issue is having the right equipment and a good broadband connection. Sometimes people use their mobile phone. Although it is possible to use a mobile phone a laptop or tablet is better because you get a bigger screen and a laptop is more stable. A phone may also get incoming calls or have other things going on in the background so other apps need to be turned off. Nothing should be running in the background to distract you like alerts or pinging emails coming into your inbox. All devices need to be fully charged,

You need a webcam and you need to be sure that the volume is turned up enough on your device so you can hear clearly. Sometimes you need to register with the video provider before the first video call. But most of all you need to be competent and feel confident using the equipment.

The environment and connections

Dropped calls and bad connections is what everyone worries about. But with modern-day devices and faster broadband, this isn’t such a problem. Besides, there are a variety of videoconferencing platforms that can be used that have a good track record. If you do get a picture that freezes or you get disconnected then you just reconnect or reschedule. Even if you got cut off mid-way through your treatment people are able to come out of hypnosis by themselves. Some hypnotherapists have a backup plan and call you if this happens. Other hypnotherapists may have asked for someone to be in the next room or a contact telephone number.

During online hypnotherapy, you need to be sitting in a comfortable armchair in a safe place. Removing animals from the rooms a good idea as you don’t want the cat jumping up on your lap when you are in hypnosis! You shouldn’t be looking after children or have other adults in the room either because they are distractions.

Ideally, your laptop should be secure on a table in front of you. The hypnotherapist will need to see your face and shoulders down to your waist. Occasionally electronic devices such as phones and tablets that don’t have stands can move so the hypnotherapist can’t see you.


You need to consider confidentiality when having online hypnotherapy.  Consider, if are you in a room where you might be heard or interrupted? Wearing your own headphones can help with sounds and outside distractions.

Some video platforms are considered to have better levels of confidentiality than others. This might be a consideration for you. Some have end to end encryption.

Keeping your information safe and secure is a requirement of both online and face to face practitioners. You need to check out what happens with your information, where it is stored and when it will be destroyed.

So in summary, the problems that might occur are:

  • You are not suitable for online work or not prepared to change
  • Equipment and connection problems
  • Ensuring that your environment is safe and without interruptions
  • Confidentiality

What are the problems with face to face hypnosis?

Face to face hypnosis will require travelling time and costs. You will have a limited choice of who you see in your area.

If you have a social phobia or some other anxiety issue travelling might make it feel worse.

What happens in an online hypnosis session?

When comparing online hypnotherapy to face to face hypnotherapy the basic principles are the same. You will have already had contact with the hypnotherapist, provided some information and contracted to a specific number of sessions.

The process

Once connected online at the agreed time, the hypnotherapist will talk to you to ensure that they understand what you need to change and they will use an induction technique and deepening techniques to help you go into a trance state. There are hundreds of different techniques so it depends on the hypnotherapists preferences and what he or she feels will suit you best.

As with face to face hypnotherapy, the hypnotherapist talks and give you positive suggestions to help you to make the changes you want to make. Most hypnotherapists do not use regression techniques online as its not their style of working, there is a possibility of abreactions and some professional bodies do not recommend it.

At the end of the hypnotherapy, the hypnotherapist will reorientate you back to the room. Again there are different techniques that can be used.

Throughout the session, just like face to face hypnosis you listen (usually with your eyes closed in hypnosis) and the hypnotherapist talks. Some hypnotherapists have music going in the background, others don’t. At the end of the session, some hypnotherapist may talk to you for a while and get feedback, others will be just checking that you are alert. If another session has been agreed then there may be discussions about this.

In conclusion, hypnotherapy can be delivered face to face in the hypnotherapist’s rooms or online via videoconferencing systems. With both delivery methods, a one-hour session is common unless you are having help for stopping smoking when the session might be longer. Online hypnosis is not a new delivery method, although recently it has become the method of choice for people wanting help and hypnotherapists who want to continue with their business. After the pandemic face to face hypnotherapy will be more widely available again.

Where can you access online hypnotherapy

It’s easy! Go online and search for your requirements. Remember to add online hypnotherapy to your search terms or you will get all hypnotherapists. If you want online hypnotherapy you could also get recommendations from friends or family.

Once you have found a hypnotherapist, you might be offered a free consultation first so you can ensure that the person you choose is right for you before signing up.

There are pros and cons of both delivery methods. The first step is always about discussing your needs with the hypnotherapist. They will help you to come to a conclusion.

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