Ways to Reduce Anxiety: Pet Therapy

Aug 29, 2018Anxiety

Ways to Reduce Anxiety: Pet Therapy

There are so many ways to reduce anxiety that most people don’t think about.
Today I want to tell you about the value of pets in helping you reduce your anxiety.

If you are a pet lover like me you probably already value your pet for the fun and companionship that it can bring but I wonder if you realise that they help us to reduce stress and anxiety?

There are many aspects of owning a pet that can help.

They reduce anxiety through play

So this could be just watching a pet play. Who wouldn’t be interested in a puppy or a kitten playing? By watching them play you are distracting yourself away from stress and anxiety. You may also play with them. This enables you to move and laugh. Laughter can release endorphins and help you to feel better.

They reduce anxiety through cuddles

If you have ever had a dog or cat or other animal come and cuddle up next to you it feels comforting because pets give you that unconditional love. They help to reduce loneliness. Many dog and cat owners even have their dog or cat sleep with them at night.

They reduce anxiety through touch

If you stroke a furry pet such as a dog or cat the animal likes it and wants more because you are helping it to feel good and give it attention. This can also encourage the release of your happy hormones and you can also feel better. Feeling calm with your animal can also help reduce blood pressure.

They help reduce anxiety through exercise

So if you have a dog or a horse or other pet that needs to be outside and get exercise you are also getting the benefits of the exercise and fresh air. This can reduce stress and anxiety and help you to feel better. So if you do have anxious times take your dog for a walk or borrow a dog form a friend and go walking. Some people even find it helpful to volunteer to do dog walking for a local rescue centre. Many towns also have walking groups in which people take dogs.

There have been lots of studies about the value of pets as therapy. Maybe if you are suffering with stress and anxiety pets could help you.

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