Reduce Anxiety with Horses

Oct 1, 2018Anxiety

Reduce Anxiety with Horses

I am always searching for new ways to help people to reduce their stress and anxiety because everyone is different and we all need choice and information to make the right decisions to change.

This weekend I visited an equine assessed therapy centre in Somerset.

For me, a person’s mindset or beliefs are always important to consider. So if you don’t like horses and don’t believe that they can help you then quine therapy may not be for you. Yet having some hypnotherapy could be the first step to banishing any fear of horses because once you have got past that barrier it will be easier.

Horses have been utilised as a therapeutic aid for many years.

The purpose of my blog today is to help you realise the value of horses in reducing anxiety.

Going to see an equine therapist involves going outside and walking in nature. That process in itself has been shown to help people feel grounded and reduce stress and anxiety. Mindfulness or meditation could also be incorporated.

Then just like going to see a counsellor or psychotherapist, you will be assessed to find out more about you and the problem that you want to change.

Then you meet the horses. It can be an experiential learning experience when you watch and connect with the horse. You may notice the horse’s behaviour or feel the breath of the horse. Sometimes you might be invited to carry out tasks with the horses such as grooming, leading or feeding. Some places may even allow you to ride the horse. Throughout this time you can talk if you want to or just enjoy the time. The therapist observes you and guides you to connect with the horses to help you to feel calmer. Nothing is rushed and therapy practice is developed to meet the needs of the individual.

So if you have a fear of horses contact me and find out how I can help. And if equine-assisted therapy appeals to you then contact me and I would be happy to direct you to this amazing place in Somerset

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