5 Reasons why you can’t stop smoking and 5 reasons why you can

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5 Reasons why you can’t stop smoking and 5 reasons why you can

stop smoking

Over the years, I have met many people who say that they can’t stop smoking, but I can explain and show them many more reasons why they can. Are you up for the challenge to stop smoking now? If so, read on.

Why do people start smoking?

I have identified several themes as to why people start smoking in the first place.

  • They want to be social and become one of the ‘in gang’.
  • They want to rebel against authority.
  • They want to show that they are grown up.
  • They are bored and want to try something.
  • They are curious.
  • They believe that smoking will help them relax.

Smoking can be smoking cigarettes, rolling tobacco or vaping (e-cigarettes).

Five reasons why you can’t stop smoking

The reasons why you can’t stop smoking are often related to the reasons why you first started, but then, as you continue to smoke, other reasons emerge.

  • Smoking becomes a habit, and you unconsciously smoke at regular times. Sometimes, the habit links with other behaviours, such as having a cup of tea or an alcoholic drink in the pub.
  • You become addicted to nicotine.
  • You need regular breaks at work, so smoking gives you a reason to stop what you are doing and go outside.
  • Your friends, family and partner smoke, so you feel it will be too difficult with other smokers around.

But the biggest reason you feel you can’t stop smoking is because you believe it’s too difficult and won’t succeed. Yet it doesn’t need to be that way.

Five reasons why you can stop smoking

Start to question your belief. If it were true that you couldn’t stop smoking, then why do other people successfully quit smoking?

If you believe smoking helps you at work by helping you relax, think again. That belief is wrong because moving out of your office or stressful environment to go outside is the biggest contributor to stress reduction.

And if you originally started to smoke to rebel or feel older now you are older you no longer need that reason to smoke.

Here are five reasons why you can quit smoking.

  • You can take control of your life. You are in charge, not cigarettes.
  • You know there are health reasons for stopping, so you can start respecting your body and stop smoking. The benefits of stopping start within hours.
  • You are a poor role model to children and young people who see you smoke.
  • You won’t put on weight if you substitute having a cigarette for drinking more water and eating a healthy diet.
  • It can be easier than you first imagined, especially if you get the right help.

But there are many more benefits, including financial savings, better cognition and memory, more time to do other things, and respecting the desires of your loved ones who want you to stop smoking.

There are specific benefits to individuals.

One man told me that his granddaughter begged him to stop after she learned the horrors of smoking at school.

Another person was worried about his dog as he discovered that passive smoking can affect animals.

Many more people have quit smoking when they decided to have a baby and found that they have infertility problems associated with stress and smoking.

Start today!

You might be one of those who decide to go ‘cold turkey’ and stop. If your willpower is high and you have support from friends or family, you may find you need to take action and stop today.

If you want to take a slower approach, why not start preparing to stop.

Change things. For example, remove ashtrays. Stop smoking in the car/van, and give yourself a target date that you will stop.

You can also search for help from your local health service, a counsellor or a hypnotherapist.Stop smoking

Finally, I provide a unique service to help people who really want to quit using a combination of hypnosis, psychoeducational, counselling and motivational coaching. Book a free initial consultation to find out more, or visit my website, www.awakenthechange.com.


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