Easy ways to find hypnotherapy near me

Jun 30, 2021Hypnotherapy Information and Advice

Easy ways to find hypnotherapy near me

Looking for a hypnotherapy practice

Are you considering hypnotherapy? Many people ask, ‘Where can I find hypnotherapy near me?’ Yet it’s really about finding a hypnotherapist quickly and easily.

This blog will give you four tips on finding a hypnotherapist near you and explain the advantages and disadvantages of face to face appointments.

If you are ready to find that practitioner, and you have already found out that hypnotherapy is a great way of helping you to rid yourself of emotional and some physical problems, the next step is finding the right person for you.

But if you want a face to face appointment, it’s not always easy to know where to start to find a hypnotherapist in your own town or places close by. Sometimes it can get confusing about which path to take however here are some tips to help.At a crossroad- hypnotherapy near me

  • Ask for recommendations
  • Check hypnotherapy directories
  • Review local newspapers and magazines
  • Do internet and social media searches


Ask for recommendations

Just like any service that you are looking for in your area, recommendations are very helpful especially if it’s a trusted friend, relative or healthcare professional that suggests someone to go and see.

However, be aware that even the best person recommended might not be the best fit for you and your problem so it’s important to make your own assessments as well.

Generally, like other services, hypnotherapists who are well established and offer flexibility as well as helping you to get the results you want will be known in your area.

You could also ask your doctor if they know of any hypnotherapists in the area. Doctors usually suggest that you use a hypnotherapist registered with a professional body such as the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). 

Check hypnotherapy directories

More directories for therapists are appearing as more people Google hypnotherapy near me. It seems an automatic thing now to just Google any service and find reviews.

In the Uk, one common directory used for finding a hypnotherapist is the Hypnotherapy Directory. 

The professional bodies also have directories of hypnotherapists. For example, the National Hypnotherapy Society, the General Hypnotherapy Register, the National Council for Hypnotherapy, the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council and the  Complementary Medical Association.

However, there are many more directories of hypnotherapists and complementary therapists. Added to this, some are international.

Review local newspapers and magazines

Fewer hypnotherapists advertise in newspapers and magazines these days but you will find some still do. It’s better to find someone who advertises regularly as you have a better indication that they are established, however, if an advert appeals to your needs call the hypnotist and find out more.

Some hypnotherapists have articles and advertise in magazines with a national and international readership, but you don’t know if the hypnotherapy is near you until you make contact and ask questions.

Do internet and social media searches

Many established hypnotherapists have a website so search for the term ‘hypnotherapy near me’ and see what comes up. You often find independent reviews and have the opportunity to go to their website and read about the hypnotist, their practice and find more testimonials.

A website is almost like the front door. Does it invite you in to find out more about the hypnotherapist? Do they seem knowledgeable? Do they display their prices? Although comparing hypnotists can be difficult as some do packages rather than single sessions and often there are other things included in the price. Some hypnotherapists charge more for evening and weekend appointments. Some are also specialists and have other qualifications.

Searching on social media is another option. Commonly used sites are Facebook and Linkedin. Although many hypnotherapists are involved in social media as it’s a quick and effective way to link with potential customers you will also need to make other checks.

Advantages and disadvantages of hypnotherapy near me

There are many advantages of face to face hypnotherapy in premises near you.

Firstly, you can get to know the practitioner better and assess if they will be right for you. Although some people, will argue that meeting online via Zoom is fine, it is often easier to get to know someone face to face as you can see their body language easier.

However, you may be looking for someone who specialises in a certain area so you might need to travel much further than you really want to. Finding hypnotherapy near me won’t be so relevant if you particularly want a specialist and you live in a small town. Nevertheless, you could engage with someone online but they could be anywhere in the world. That may cause problems with working across time zones.

Getting to know people happens in different ways.

You might have been recommended a hypnotherapist in your area, so that will already give you some information before you meet.

There are lots of advantages of seeing a hypnotherapist face to face in their office. Firstly when you visit a hypnotherapist, you can see where they work. Is the place clean, and does it provide the type of environment that you are most comfortable in?

On the other hand, with online hypnosis, your home might feel more suitable than visiting a hypnotist.

There are many things that you might want to consider when visiting a hypnotist as the environment will also portray an experience. Some people might like scented candles and incense to relax while others prefer a more practical office environment.

Some hypnotherapists practice from their home while others use offices or rooms in beauty or health care facilities.

Ask yourself questions. Is the practice office professional looking? Does it instil confidence in the person that you will be discussing your problems with? Do they offer a free initial consultation or will you need to travel there and allocate extra time? But most of all does that person feel like the right fit and have they got the ability to help you.

Of course, there are also negative aspects of visiting the hypnotist’s office such as travelling time and possible additional costs of parking or bus/train journeys, but these may outweigh the need to meet the therapist in person.

However, face to face hypnosis is the traditional way of delivering hypnosis for change. Both online and face to face appointments are effective methods of delivery although there are some differences in techniques.

Overall finding a hypnotherapist is not difficult and there are many advantages of seeing a hypnotherapist in their practice and online. It depends on what will meet your needs best.

Linda from Awaken the Change offers hypnotherapy, counselling and coaching in offices in Bournemouth and online via Zoom or Skype. Contact Linda today for a free initial consultation and to find out more.





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