Accessing Hypnotherapy During the Coronavirus Lockdown.

Mar 28, 2020Hypnotherapy Information and Advice

Accessing Hypnotherapy During the Coronavirus Lockdown.

If you are considering hypnotherapy to help with a problem during the Coronavirus lockdown or if you are in isolation, your only option may be hypnotherapy delivered online.

Online hypnotherapy is typically delivered via a video platform, often via Zoom or another secure platform. However, hypnosis can also be provided through audio recordings.

Online hypnotherapy can help with personal or work-related issues and is a more accessible way of delivering hypnosis, particularly useful during the Covid-19 outbreak. Hypnotherapy is effective and has been provided using online methods for many years.

People who decide to use online hypnotherapy must be comfortable using technology and have the right computer equipment and a stable internet connection.

Not all hypnotherapists provide online hypnotherapy, as additional skills are needed.

What are the particular benefits of online hypnotherapy at this time?

As the world’s population learns to cope with Coronavirus, online hypnotherapy, as well as helping you to change your problem, offers distinct advantages.

  1. You can experience hypnosis in the comfort of your own home
    As we must maintain social distancing, hypnotherapy delivered online is very convenient. You can also wear comfortable clothes, and sit in your favourite armchair! You are always in control.
  1. Online hypnotherapy is convenient and offers a choice
    With online hypnotherapy, you have a choice. You can look for an expert in the field and connect with them from anywhere in the world. You can choose a male therapist rather than a female if that is what you want. You can also find the price that suits you best.
  1. Online hypnotherapy is cost-effective
    You usually pay for your treatment online before your therapy commences. You’ll know how much it will cost upfront, with no unwelcome surprises. Some hypnotherapists do take card payments via Stripe, or they use PayPal. Occasionally some therapists will ask for a bank transfer. There are no travelling or parking costs with online hypnotherapy.

Many hypnotherapists offer a free initial consultation, so if you have any questions about online hypnotherapy, it’s important to ask during that session.

After considering these benefits, don’t suffer any longer, do something today and contact an online hypnotherapist for more information.

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