Ways to Reduce Anxiety – Journalling

Aug 6, 2018Anxiety

Ways to Reduce Anxiety – Journalling

If you are feeling anxious writing a journal can help

If you are feeling anxious there are lots of self-help ways to feel better. There are lots of techniques but of course, you need to check that there aren’t any health reasons for your anxiety especially if you have had it for a long time.

Today I want to talk about the benefits of writing a journal but before I start you need to think about the consequences if someone found your journal. Would they discover your secrets, or things that you might not want to share with them? If this would be a concern to you then you need to ensure that you book is kept in a secure place or you need to develop your own code so that your writing won’t make any sense to someone who tries to read it.

My clients have told me that writing a journal can help in many ways.

Firstly the process of getting a book and pen and sitting down to write gives you permission to stop and relax and focus.  It shows you that you want to do something for yourself, you want to change.
As you begin to write anything that comes into your head you are releasing those thoughts to paper. You can write down worries that you might have You can write a list of the things you think you should do. You can also draw or doodle if it helps.

You need to write your journal regularly. Some people carry the book with them and write something every day, while other people just write something weekly. The benefits of writing regularly are that you can see patterns and omissions in your thoughts.

You could write in pen, in pencil or in coloured pencils, it doesn’t matter what you choose as long as you write something for about 20 minutes. If you make spelling errors that’s okay because this is not an academic exercise. There is even research that shows that writing down your achievements or things that you are grateful for is beneficial.

So in summary here are some of the benefits of journaling.

  • Taking time out for you
  • Self-help through seeing the patterns and worries that are making you feel anxious
  • Helps you to solve problems more easily
  • Helps with health and well-being such as sleeping better

Let me know if you find it helpful.

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