Suffering with Anxiety? – Effective Solutions is what you want

Mar 26, 2019Anxiety

Suffering with Anxiety? – Effective Solutions is what you want

Are you Suffering with Anxiety?

I have met so many people suffering with anxiety that I really get it. There is only one thing you want when your adrenaline is rushing and you feel awful, that’s for it to stop!

I get it …

Maybe anxiety makes your heart race. You might feel like you can’t breathe. Maybe your palms feel sweaty. You feel sick. Your mouth might also feel dry as you are about to meet that person or prepare for that speech. And what makes it worse is that your dry mouth means that your lips feel like they are sticking together so when you do speak you don’t speak properly. You might blush, you might feel like you want to hide. Even worse you freeze and can’t speak or move easily.

Some people might breathe faster or hyperventilate. If it gets really bad you heart feels like its ready to jump out of your chest. Thoughts and feelings of doom and gloom might hit you. If it gets worse you may even collapse. This is a panic attack. You recover quickly but now you develop a huge fear that it will happen again so you do everything to avoid the situation that triggered it.

I get it when it comes to the triggers…

You could feel this anxiety in social situations or even before going to a social situation. It may happen when meeting people in a pub, at a party or even gatherings at work. You might be someone who is studying and getting ready to do exams or a test and that might be your trigger. But there are hundreds of more triggers for different people such as meeting the boss, having a driving lesson, getting too many demands on you at work, public speaking, seeing a spider or fear of going up in a lift. Stress could be the trigger or you might not be able to identify an obvious trigger. The list is endless so there are many triggers that cause excess anxiety. Anxiety is an irrational fear or apprehension.

I get the difficulties you are facing with this excess anxiety…

Maybe you haven’t told anyone how you are feeling because you are embarrassed or frightened of saying anything. You don’t want to be judged as being different and you definitely don’t want to be labelled.

So you try to cope. Maybe you avoid situations that make you feel very anxious. You might think that you aren’t good enough so you don’t put yourself forward for a new job or different experiences in life. Your confidence and self-esteem is dented. You might think that you are the only one who feels anxious, but you are wrong as many people are suffering alongside you with anxiety issues.

As your anxiety develops in this vicious cycle you think negatively and feel negative about yourself. This means that you avoid situations that you might have been in before. You make excuses about going places and you might even have a tummy upset or headache that reinforces your need to keep away from that anxiety-provoking situation. You worry a lot. The more you worry the more you find things to worry about. It’s exhausting.

So you wonder how can you stop this cycle of anxiety that is ruining your life.

I get the urgency that you are feeling to find a solution, but it can seem difficult…

You might consider going to your doctor. Well, that’s a good idea especially if your anxiety is having a big impact on your health and maybe making you feel depressed. If you are worried about your health or if you are already on medication its also a good idea to get a check-up.

I get the fact that you want someone to fix the anxiety issues, but understanding the problem, how it develops and what makes it worse are just as important as finding the solution because you want to be in control. You don’t want the anxiety to come back.

So what can you do to reduce your anxiety?

The first step is always to acknowledge the problem and plan to do something. This could be seeing your doctor first.

There are many solutions but for lots of people its about finding a combination of safe and easy ways to change things in their life.

Here are five things that will help:

  • Get your life in balance. his means eating healthy foods, going to bed on time, exercising, talking to friends and family and reducing the demands on you.
    Practice deep breathing.
  • Meditate, or try Mindfulness.
  • Find a counsellor to talk to. (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) has been shown to help people with anxiety).
  • Find a hypnotherapist who can help you relax and give you positive suggestions to change.

I’m Linda from Awaken the Change. I specialise in helping people with anxiety issues to find the solutions so they can get on and enjoy life. I help you to understand why you are feeling the way you are feeling and I provide proven solutions to help you change.

I offer counselling, hypnotherapy and coaching face to face in Bournemouth or for some people a service online via Skype.

Tracy from Dorset said:

All of it helped! But especially the hypnosis. I also found the talking beforehand really helped me focus on where I was in my life and what I wanted support with.

Awaken the Change is about Focusing Minds for Positive Results

Awaken the Change is a self-help service providing education and information.

Linda sees clients at her practice in Bournemouth, in the UK. She is also happy to provide online help via webcam for hypnotherapy, counselling and supervision. Counselling and supervision can also be provided by telephone.

Linda is an accredited trainer and supervisor.

Linda Witchell
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