Possible Causes of Anxiety

Sep 9, 2018Anxiety

Possible Causes of Anxiety

If you are feeling anxious it’s not very pleasant. It can make you worry and stop doing things that you want to do in life. It can affect your relationships and prevent you from developing your true potential in life. But it can change… The first step is by trying to find out what the cause is if you don’t already know what it is. This is why I always recommend people get a health check if they have had anxiety for a long time or if they do not know the trigger.

Today I want to talk about some of the causes of anxiety. I’m not a doctor, I don’t diagnose conditions and I make no claims that I have all the answers to anxiety issues but here are a few causes of anxiety that you might not be aware of.

  • Lifestyle events Stress and anxiety can be triggered by a huge range of lifestyle issues including changes in work, moving house, getting married, death of a relative or friend, retirement, pregnancy or even Christmas.  Long term emotional insecurity can cause anxiety. There are many more events that contribute to anxiety and if you have a family who also get stressed and anxious about things you may also have a vulnerability to it. Talking to friends, learning to relax, changing the stress, getting help with counselling, hypnosis or sometimes medication may help.
  • Mental health illness You may already know that you have been diagnosed with a mental health problem so if your anxiety is getting worse see your doctor or healthcare specialist. If you are concerned about your mental health again your first stop should be your doctor.
  • Diabetes and hypoglycaemia When diabetics have low blood sugars they can become anxious, dizzy, or have panic attacks. This is serious as blood sugars need to be controlled. If blood sugar levels are low the person needs to eat. Most diabetics know how to check their blood sugar levels and they need to see their doctor.
  • Thyroid problems People with high levels of thyroxine can feel shaky and anxious.
  • Hormone imbalance Anxiety can be experienced with premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or any other hormonal problems.
  • Heart problems People with heart problems might mistake their anxiety symptoms because they may get heart palpitations, and the palpitations make them feel anxious.
  • Stimulants Caffeine, some prescribed medications and recreational drugs can all cause anxiety.
  • Pain and other chronic health problems Sometimes people who have chronic ill health worry about things more. Maybe they think about their health more because they have pain. If there are lots of negative beliefs then this can cause a spiral of negative thinking and health-related anxiety.
  • Trauma This could be a car accident or a situation where there was a belief that they were being threatened. Phobias can cause people to have irrational beliefs and anxiety.
Although this list may sound scary the good news is that people can be helped.
I help people with anxiety to relax and feel so much better through relaxation and helping them to change their negative thoughts.
So if you are suffering with anxiety do something today and get help if you need it.


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