Anxiety and Uncertainty

Sep 13, 2018Anxiety

Anxiety and Uncertainty

Are you feeling anxious?

Many people do have bouts of feeling stressed and anxious and some people seem to suffer from anxiety most days.

In my business, I hear people talking about their causes of anxiety. It could be relationships, work, where they are living, kids, lack of money, ill health and the list goes on…

Today I was thinking about these things that make us feel anxious and I had the thought that anxiety that is related to lifestyle and events seems to make people anxious because of the uncertainty that these things cause. Here are some of my thoughts.

Uncertainty equals worry and that’s is what a lot of anxious people do. So let’s turn the worry and anxiety around and explore the uncertainty of life.

If you plant a tree there is no certainty that it will grow. True.
If you love someone there is no certainty that they will love you the same way. True.
If you do some research there is no certainty that you will find the truth. True.

Some people worry about losing their job. Maybe they can see difficulties in the business or maybe they know that the job isn’t for them. This can make people feel stressed and anxious.

But if you changed your perspective and told yourself that you were certain that one day you were going to change job then perhaps there would be less fear of losing your job and more preparation for the day that you might change your job. You could minimise risks by ensuring that the job was the right fit for you where you felt respected and you could grow. You could even prepare by going to evening classes and develop new skills. You see, job security is not certain, so there is no point worrying about it. All you can do is to get the best professional advice that you can and be prepared. If unfortunately, you happen to lose your job then you will need to deal with it then.

If you get anxious and worry that you will need to move house one day, or maybe struggle to pay the rent or mortgage, or even dislike where you are living, then you are fearing change. These situations can cause anxiety and worry but there is no certainty for any of us that we will always live in the same place. Where you live is not certain, so there is no use worrying about it unnecessarily. If there is a high risk that you might lose your home then you need to get professional advice and support urgently.

You can change your views on many things and feel better. If you believed that you could move to a better place one day then you might save more for that place. Perhaps that would give you a purpose to succeed at work. You need to understand that often there are options. If you couldn’t afford to pay the mortgage then you might decide that you would like to move to a cheaper area or you could even downsize.

Many things are uncertain in life. But ignoring things that are higher risk such as relationships, work or home can also trigger anxiety if things suddenly go wrong for you. It feels like a no win situation but that’s not true.

Some things are out of our control, but managing risks and feeling that you can do as much as you can, will make the uncertainty less and help you to feel better. Some things we also need to learn to accept.

Acknowledge the people around you that you love and respect. Develop better communication skills with them and build positive relationships that will help you in life.

Developing yourself at work is also a good idea because you will increase your chances of getting another job if your company goes broke or those unforeseen work problems arise.

If the fear of losing your home causes you anxiety, then manage your finances wisely by controlling your budget to reduce the risks and the uncertainties of losing your house. If the risk is high then get professional advice.

Uncertainty is also about questioning the value of change. If you recognise that change is inevitable then you can get prepared. Change can be positive. It can bring opportunities that you hadn’t even thought about. Change can mean meeting new people and seeing new places. When you weigh up your options and reduce the uncertainty sometimes there is always something better around the corner!

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