Finding the Right Support

What support do I need; supervision, coaching, mentoring or a combination?

If you are a therapist or a coach you might think that you need professional help with your practice, but what kind of support is best? Is trying to work it all out, making you feel anxious or confused? You want to develop, but you don’t want to make the wrong choice. Should you get help from a supervisor, coach, or mentor?

Whatever you choose must feel right for you and meet your needs, but this quiz will help you to decide.

Linda Witchell - Supervisor, Coach, Mentor


Read each statement and make a note of whether it applies to you.

1. You want to observe an expert performing specific skills
2.  You want someone in your field who teaches, guides and supports you to develop your knowledge and skills.
3. You want to reflect on your work. You want personal and professional support based on standards, and professional practice so you can grow towards becoming an expert in your field.
4.  You want a short term, goal orientated programme for improvement of performance. It’s a partnership that is future-orientated.
5. In your career, you need to be stimulated by thought-provoking questions. You want specific, measurable results.
6. You want to develop knowledge, competencies and assume accountability and responsibility for your clinical practice.
7. You want an experienced and knowledgeable person who is a role model for your type of work. You want them to share their experiences and give advice. It will be an ongoing relationship where you drive the agenda.
8. You want professional support that meets your professional membership requirements.  You want the work to include a theoretical approach that is aligned with your practice.
9. In your career, you want help to get specific, measurable results.


Notice which statements apply to you to gauge if you require supervision, coaching or mentoring.

Questions 1, 2 and 7 =  Mentor

Questions 4, 5, 9 = Coach

Questions 3, 6, 8 = Supervisor

You may require supervision, coaching or mentoring at different times in your career. Furthermore, sometimes there is an overlap or change of focus as you progress.  Linda can help.

Linda Witchell is a fully qualified supervisor, coach and mentor for nurses and therapists.

Contact Linda for a free initial consultation and find out how she can help you.

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