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Online Supervision & Mentoring for Hypnotherapists & Counsellors

Supervision for Counsellors

Are you worried about finding the right counselling supervisor? You want to feel that they are friendly, professional and will share lots with you to improve your practice.

The solution is here. If you are looking for a counselling supervisor, you have come to the right place…

Supervision for Hypnotherapists

Maybe you are considering supervision for the first time or maybe you are looking for a supervisor with more experience, who can help you to learn and develop your business. You might be wondering if you really need supervision and thinking that it’s a waste of time and money.

That’s what many hypnotherapists might think but the reality is that supervision helps you to improve practice, save time and money and grow your business. If you want to be a professional hypnotherapist you need supervision.

I can provide the bespoke supervision you need.

Mentoring and Coaching

Life feels hard when you first start your therapy business. You have done the course and now you need the clients. When you get the clients you might need a bit extra teaching on certain techniques.

You do another course. But all you are doing is continuing that cycle of not getting paid clients. Stop! Get easy access coaching and mentoring. Get out of the rut and into providing a good, paid service.

If you are feeling stuck and deflated and now you are wondering what to do, I can help…

Workshops and Training

Stress Management Workshop

This workshop will help anyone who feels that they need to relax. It’s really great for businesses as staff will experience different ways of relaxing that they can incorporate into their daily routines.

Dealing with ‘Difficult People’

This workshop will help anyone who wants to feel better when other people’s behaviour gets difficult.

Perfect Presentations

Perfect Presentations is a different way of learning how to give presentations, as Linda helps you to understand why you have difficulties giving presentations and how to tackle these issues.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Speaking on a range of subjects including building confidence, challenging limited beliefs, motivation, communication skills, and more.

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