Stress and Anxiety Test

How stressed or anxious are you?

This test is a self-help quiz for you to assess yourself for the effects of stress and anxiety.

Here are a few statements that stressed and anxious people may say.

Read the statements and note how many apply to you.


  1. You haven’t been able to sleep well for a few weeks.
  2. You are either overeating or have lost your appetite.
  3. You keep making mistakes.
  4. You can’t concentrate as well as you did before.
  5. You always feel tired.
  6. You keep getting sore throats or coughs and colds.
  7. You keep losing things.
  8. You are recently suffering from tension headaches.
  9. You don’t feel motivated to do things.
  10. You are drinking more alcohol than you know you should.
  11. You drive the car too fast.
  12. You are always late.
  1. You feel rushed most days.
  2. You don’t feel that you achieve anything.
  3. You worry a lot.
  4. You cry at the most trivial things.
  5. You smoke too much.
  6. You don’t do fun things anymore.
  7. All you seem to be doing is working.
  8. You hate your job.
  9. You feel irritable all the time.
  10. You shout at the kids/your partner/your family.
  11. You feel that no one appreciates you.
  12. Your irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is worse.
  13. You need to talk to someone.

If you have answered yes to two or more of these statements, and it has been going on for more than two weeks, you could be suffering from stress or anxiety.

What should you do next?

Contact a doctor to check that there are no other medical causes for your thoughts and feelings. Do not stop any medications you might be on without consulting with your doctor first.

Contact Linda to discuss how hypnotherapy or counselling could help relieve stress and anxiety.

NB There are no claims that this stress and anxiety test will provide you with a medical diagnosis as Linda is not medically qualified. If in doubt about your symptoms, always seek the advice of your doctor.

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