What Does Your Bookcase Say About You?

Jul 19, 2018Thoughts

What Does Your Bookcase Say About You?

Someone asked me this question recently so I went and had a look at my bookcase in my office. One thing was certain it was overflowing with books, that’s because I read a lot.

Then I looked more closely at the books. I realised that I buy quite a lot of expensive books as I want to get quality information from them. And I suppose that as I am a hypnotherapist, counsellor, coach and trainer there are lots of books on thesis subjects. I want to be up to date. My books show that I am dynamic and I continue learning. I’ve got quite a lot of books on bereavement as well – maybe not a subject many people would buy books on but I always like to understand the theory behind things and I search for the evidence to support what I do so I can provide the best service.

I do also have a Kindle but to be honest, nothing can beat the feel of a real book.

Now I’ve started writing my own books so I’ll let you know more about them later.

In the meantime do have a look at what you read and ask yourself what your bookcase says about you.

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