Study & Creativity Bundle Saver

Are you finding it difficult to study or Is there something that you want to do, like paint a picture, write an inspiring book, produce music or something else that is creative?

Perhaps you feel tense and think that you can’t do it. Well, you can do anything that you want to do when you feel confident, in control, relaxed and can let go of the barriers. This bundle will help you overcome your mental block and take back control.


Study & Creativity Bundle Saver

Some people love writing, some people love creative hobbies or art. These self-help audio recording will assist in whatever aspect of your life that you want to become more creative in. Give yourself some space and time to relax and allow that creative part of your mind to develop with powerful positive suggestions.

Package Includes:

  • Boost Your Creativity (Regular Price: £12) Total time: 23.00
  • Boost your Creativity 2 (Regular Price: £16.99) Total Time: 23:00
  • Boost Your Studying (Regular Price: £12) Total time: 23:44
  • Overcome Writers Block (Regular Price: £12) Total time: 13.58

About My Hypnosis Audio Downloads

  • Professional, studio-quality MP3 audio recordings
  • Instant downloads
  • Fast and direct access
  • Exclusive hypnosis screeds personally produced by Linda Witchell, an experienced hypnotherapist
  • These audio recordings are for adult use only.
  • The recordings are in MP3 format so are compatible with most devices but please check before purchasing.

How to Use These Recordings

  • If you have an important appointment or are worried about falling asleep set an alarm to wake you in about 35 minutes time.
  • Ensure you are in a comfortable and safe place before listening. Some people choose to listen with headphones on but it’s not necessary.
  • Remove any spectacles. You may also wish to loosen any tight clothing and take your shoes off to become more comfortable.
  • Listen to the important information at the beginning of the recording at least once.
  • Listen carefully with an attitude of positive change.
  • At the end of the recording take a few moments to re-orientate yourself to the room.


Do NOT listen while driving, operating machinery or doing anything that requires your full attention.

Do not listen to these audio recordings if you suffer from epilepsy, have mental health problems or any other health problems without consulting with your doctor first.

Example Recording

If you would like to listen to part of a self-help audio recording before purchase here is an example of what Linda at Awaken the Change sounds like. Remember all these recordings have been written by Linda and produced in a professional recording studio so providing you with a high quality recording.