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You have come to the right place if you want help to:

  • Combat fears and phobias
  • Let go of stress and anxiety
  • Beat panic attacks
  • Stop worrying
  • Relax and enjoy life
  • Build your confidence and self-esteem
  • Reduce test anxiety
  • Overcome blushing and shyness
  • Master public speaking
  • Improve your performance
  • Cope with grief
  • Stop smoking

Language Mastery Course

Are you struggling to learn a second language? Maybe I can help…

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Hi, I’m Linda,

I know that it’s difficult to make stress, anxiety and worry go away on its own. I’ve experienced it and so many of my clients confirm this. Life is so busy and demanding. I really get it.

You want to improve yourself but its hard as you struggle to find a way to feel better.  But research and evidence shows that the way you deal with difficult times can make a big difference to your future health and happiness. Contact me.

I’m a specialist in helping people with anxiety who want to change.

I can support you by providing hypnotherapy and counselling. I’m a highly qualified and experienced clinical hypnotherapy practitioner and counsellor, you can read more about me and my many qualifications here. I also have a blog, if you would like to get to know me better.

My hypnotherapy sessions are developed around bespoke programmes, so you get so much more than hypnotherapy or counselling alone. You get quality sessions that are built on research and evidence. I specialise in helping people to relieve stress and anxiety or to cope after a loss, so you know that you are getting an expert in the field.


My programmes are designed especially for you and your situation. Often, I use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with hypnosis as it’s been proven to give better results for some people. I know that your problem is important, so I really listen to you and help you find the solution.

In addition, I provide you with information and I offer you a relaxation audio recording (MP3) to listen to at home. Finally, when you choose my service you will soon discover that as a retired nurse with over 30 years working in helping professions, I am passionate about what I do because I want you to feel better.

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If an emergency arises and you feel like you are in a crisis and can’t wait for an appointment, emergency numbers can be found here.

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Online Hypnotherapy

A popular and easy way to access my services. We can use Skype, Zoom, or Vsee for online sessions, and in some cases, I can provide counselling by telephone. This depends on your choice and personal circumstances.

The benefits of online hypnotherapy

  • Easy and convenient access.
  • No additional travelling costs.
  • Skype, Zoom and Vsee are free to use.
  • Good for people with mobility problems.
  • Help from the comfort of your own home.
  • Ideal for people who live in remote areas, even as remote as the Outback in Australia.
  • Telephone counselling is also available in some cases.

Read more about how online hypnotherapy can help you.

Hypnotherapy in Bournemouth

I specialise in stress and anxiety issues, as well as bereavement and loss.

Perhaps you are feeling worried and anxious and not enjoying things like you used to. Some people may be suffering from panic attacks or difficulties with their relationships. If you are feeling stressed or anxious and want to change, I can help.

I believe you can change something, or your attitude to something, if you really want to, but sometimes you just need some help.

I offer hypnotherapy and counselling sessions from my practice, conveniently located between Pokesdown and Iford in Bournemouth.

Find out more about my hypnotherapy and counselling services.

Unsure about Hypnotherapy?

This video may help. Linda explains about hypnotherapy and counselling in this interview and how it helps people to change.

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The Awaken The Change Process

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Got to the root of the problem…

I came to see Linda because of confidence, and getting worked up over minor irritations. I found her service to be very useful and quick. Got to the root of the problem and had a series of effective tasks which allowed me to easily improve. DS, Broadstone.

I needed a push…

I needed a push to commence therapy because I was nervous, but now I am pleased I did because it has helped me. Anonymous (Permission given to use comment from Client Evaluation Form)

Hypnotherapy has been great…

Hypnotherapy has been great and helped me so much. I also found it really helpful with the talking/ coaching about all aspects of my life as I've never had this with another therapist. Thank you for helping me to change my life around. (Client with a phobia of spiders...

Linda’s Blog

Linda’s Latest Book

Focused on helping parents who are struggling with their teenagers during exam time by providing information and practical approaches

Teenager Exam Stress

Teenager Exam Stress: A Parents' Survival Guide

Stop feeling like a failure and learn how to cope!

Is your teenager stressed about exams or tests? Are you noticing their behaviour changing, making you feel worried, frustrated or hopeless?

 ‘Teenager Exam Stress: A Parents Survival Guide’ helps you understand your teen, exams, your emotions and role in this process as a parent. An important thread throughout the book is finding effective ways to communicate and build relationships, which will help your teen to develop. You are also signposted to other resources for additional help.

Available on Amazon as a Kindle Edition and in Paperback.

Linda has published a book about CPD and has more in the pipeline. You can find out more here.