Ways to find the best hypnotherapist

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Ways to find the best hypnotherapist

Thinking about finding the best hypnotherapist??

Finding the best hypnotherapist might be a bigger task than you had first realised! There is no one way to find the best hypnotherapist, but as I have been in the industry for over 18 years, I hope to help.

Let us start with some questions.

What do you mean by the best hypnotherapist?

The problem with the word ‘best’ is that it is very subjective. So, the best hypnotherapist can be difficult to define.

In addition, there are many ways to describe this word because it can be used as an adjective (describing quality), an adverb (suggesting an outcome), or a making it a name as in a noun. What complicates this further is that it can be used in many different ways in slang language, for example, ‘bestie’.

In this blog, I will assume we are looking for a quality hypnotherapist.

However, what I think is best might not align with what you think is the best person to help you with a problem.

What problems might a hypnotherapist help you with?

Hypnotherapists help people with problems related to a wide range of issues. For example, fears, phobias, help with public speaking, some medical conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), minor skin problems, habits and performance issues.

A hypnotherapist isn’t the best because they help everyone with every problem. However, you might think you have the best hypnotherapist if that therapist specialises in a certain area you need help with. Certainly, hypnotherapists who specialise in one or two areas can have more in-depth knowledge and skills because they see more clients with the problem and have often done further study in that area.

So, how do we start considering the best hypnotherapist to help you?

Know what your intentions are.

I believe that you must know your intention for seeking hypnotherapy.

Do you want to be ‘cured’ because hypnotherapists will never claim to cure? If this is your intention, then you might be disappointed.

Yet hypnotherapists can help with many emotional and physical issues related to that problem. For example, we do not cure cancer, but some hypnotherapists have trained in this area and can help with the fears of tests and the future, difficulty sleeping, pain management and more.

I specialise in helping people with stress and anxiety and bereavement and loss, but just like other specialists, I also help with other problems.

How do we know what is best?

When discussing finding a quality UK hypnotherapist, quality is usually measured against standards.

Most hypnotherapist set their own standards as well as meeting professional standards.

However, as hypnotherapists need professional insurance, their insurers also have standards that must be followed.

In the UK, hypnotherapy training is based on hypnotherapy occupational standards, so training schools must adhere to these standards to get their students to an accredited certificate or diploma level. If someone studies hypnotherapy at a university (not so common in the UK), they will meet standards set by education and the university.

All good training will consider the law and ethics in some way. This provides reassurance that the practitioner knows the law related to their practice and works to help rather than harm. Hypnotherapists also have a duty of candour. This means they should be open and honest and tell you if they can’t help you or feel something has gone wrong.

Hypnotherapists may be connected to a professional body with professional standards that their members must adhere to. Professional bodies have standards linked to the Professional Standards Authority, a professional body independent of the Government. They advise the public and provide a checklist to check the quality of the practitioner.

However, as hypnotherapy doesn’t have mandatory training like a doctor or nurse, and hypnotherapists are not obliged to join a professional body unless they want to, any standards after training might not be followed in private practice. Consequently, you can’t say that belonging to a professional body or not proves that the hypnotherapist is the best. Still, it will highlight what is considered good practice in the profession. Members of a professional body must meet training standards, have regular continuing professional development and supervision and have insurance.

The only way to know if they are a member of a professional body is to ask the hypnotherapist and check their website or the directories on the professional bodies’ websites. For example, the National Hypnotherapy Society (NHS), the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

Yet standards are very different in some countries. In some places, hypnotherapists must also be doctors, psychologists or dentists. (In the UK, some hypnotherapists have other training such as counselling, psychotherapy, medical, nursing and other complementary training). Some countries require licencing, and some countries also frown upon hypnotherapists, but this is rare now.

Worldwide hypnotherapy training can be face-to-face in a training school or delivered online.

Are hypnotherapists with the most qualifications best?

No, not necessarily.

Hypnotherapists can improve considerably through regular supervision and mentoring with an experienced hypnotherapist but may not have additional qualifications.

Although I have studied for many years and highly value additional knowledge and skills as a hypnotherapist, I believe extra qualifications may not make me a better practitioner in some areas. I acknowledge that some fantastic hypnotherapists have basic training and experience and provide a good service. Nevertheless, additional knowledge can help someone expand their thinking and work through problems more easily, showing people that the therapist is serious about their work as they have stuck to a course.

Does social proof help to find the best hypnotherapist?

These days, most people will search for a hypnotherapist on Google or some other search engine. Prospective clients tell me that they check reviews, testimonials, social media, and business websites and make decisions about the quality of the hypnotherapist by what they find out. But does the hypnotherapist who always appears in the media necessarily produce the best service?

Sometimes, people label hypnotherapists as the best. For example, I am rated as one of three- best -rated hypnotherapists in Bournemouth.

What do you think makes a hypnotherapist the best?

If you are a potential client or just a member of the public who is curious about hypnotherapy, then you might consider the best hypnotherapist as the person who provides you with the fastest outcome that meets your needs.

So, this is why it is vital for any client to know what they want for therapy. Just saying, ‘I want to feel better,’ makes it difficult to measure and help the hypnotherapist target your outcome.

Furthermore, having a fast service, say in one session, might not be enough for clients to change permanently.

For example, I choose to offer to stop smoking and vaping in two sessions as there is some research to suggest that the results might be better, but also because my experience has shown that two hypnotherapy sessions are better for most clients. My decision doesn’t prove that I am better at hypnotherapy than another hypnotherapist, as we all have different knowledge, skills and experiences. But with my added skills as a nurse and CBT counsellor, many clients have great results and stop smoking.

Are the qualities of the hypnotherapist important?

There is some evidence in the literature that the qualities of the hypnotherapist are important.

Recognised attributes might include:

  • Good communication skills, including excellent listening skills
  • Empathy and compassion
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Good at problem-solving
  • Respects diversity
  • Trustworthiness and respect for confidentiality
  • Reflects on practice and continues to develop
  • Professional approach

Also, clients tell me that a hypnotherapist needs experience, and they need to like and believe in the therapist to get the best results.


There are many considerations when looking for the best hypnotherapist. Professionalism, qualifications, experience and a caring attitude are all important, but the best hypnotherapist must fit well with you.

I offer a free initial consultation so you can decide if I’m the right person for you.



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