3 Reasons why you will fail exams and solutions for success.

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3 Reasons why you will fail exams and solutions for success.

Exams and stress

Most people don’t want to fail exams because they want the feeling of achievement and success.

If you are worrying about your exams, this blog will explain what you need to do to refocus and get the best mark possible.

So here are the three reasons why people fail exams.

1. Lack of skills

You risk not passing the exam if you don’t know how to read and complete the essay paper.

Completing exams requires skills in the exam process.


Learn the exam techniques by speaking to your teacher/tutor and getting advice on answering questions.

You could also get previous copies of old exam papers and note how questions are written.

Practice completing exam papers under exam conditions. This means keeping to time and not looking at books or the internet if these things aren’t allowed in the actual exam.

2. Insufficient knowledge

If you have been learning in a course for a year, the exam cannot assess all the knowledge and skills you have gained in that subject.

However, you need vast knowledge and skills to pass most exams, so revision is essential.


First, remember why you are doing the course. Then, keep the goal in mind.

Make notes to find ways to absorb information early on in the course and revise before the exam.

As everyone is different, and various ways are better at helping someone study and remember the material, you need to work out what works best for you.

Some people write things down on cards or produce mind maps.

Other people prefer to listen to podcasts or audio recordings.

While others like to watch videos and demonstrations, or documentaries.

In reality, a mixture of different ways helps most people as learning must remain exciting and worthwhile.

3. The wrong mindset

Mindset can be positive or negative. It’s about your thoughts and attitude toward something. If you have a negative mindset passing your exams will be more difficult.

Dr Carol Dweck studied mindset. She said people have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. She also states that you can develop your potential by changing your thoughts, so you can change if you feel pessimistic about your exams.


Relax your mind and your body. This means exercising and having some downtime when you aren’t studying. For example, you could meditate, do self-hypnosis, do yoga, listen to music, go for a walk or go to the gym.

Some people need to talk about the stress they are experiencing, so they benefit from speaking to a counsellor.

Choose something that helps you to feel more optimistic and helps you to develop your potential.

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