Hypnotherapy for Sceptics

Jun 3, 2019Hypnotherapy Information and Advice

Hypnotherapy for Sceptics

Are you unsure about hypnotherapy? Would you call yourself a sceptic?

A sceptic is someone who doubts something. If you are a sceptic you might question many things in life such as hypnotherapy. You might remember horror stories that you have seen in films or on the TV about hypnosis. That is normal. You are entitled to be sceptical because hypnosis is about your mind and body. You don’t want to be threatened with anything or feel under pressure. So, you do have a right to question things and get the answers you need.

But all sceptics don’t necessarily have closed minds. In fact, many sceptics are intelligent people who question things to develop their knowledge and skills in life. If you are a sceptic related to hypnotherapy that’s OK because you are the same as many other people. You might be scared of hypnosis. You might be concerned that the hypnotist will make you do silly things like you have seen on TV shows. You might feel that hypnosis is against your religion or you might just worry about being out of control. That’s understandable but…

You make decisions in life, built on your past experiences and beliefs yet things might be very different today and maybe your beliefs are wrong. Let me tell you a story…

Years ago when I was a nurse many people would talk to me about their problems. Relatives might confide in me about the difficulties they were having looking after a relative, staff would come and talk about the pressures that they were feeling at work, and friends would also find comfort in talking about difficult issues. You see I was known for being very confidential. I didn’t gossip. I helped people to relieve their anxieties and sort out their problems. So I decided that I wanted to train as a counsellor. I wanted to do this so I could develop my skills and get a recognised qualification.

So that’s what I did alongside my nursing. I enrolled on a three-year course where I trained at weekends to become a counsellor/psychotherapist. But the course included hypnotherapy. I was sceptical. Just like you, I thought “I don’t hear of doctors being hypnotists”. Just like you, I was very wary. I didn’t know what to expect and just like you, I recalled stage hypnotists and the evil Svengali in films. You see I had little knowledge of hypnosis. I wasn’t taught it in my nurse training. I only had my previous experiences to draw upon and they were limited.

Things started to rapidly change when I started to learn about hypnosis. I discovered new skills and I learnt that hypnosis could help a range of issues. I even experienced hypnosis on the first weekend of training. I found research and evidence to support the practice of hypnosis and I saw for myself how hypnosis could help people to achieve amazing things. I was sceptical, but I soon changed my ideas as I now had so much more compelling evidence that hypnosis was real- it wasn’t just placebo and it did work for many people. Through training and practice I learnt a huge number of hypnotic skills, so today I now teach others hypnotherapy. I even discovered that some doctors do use hypnosis and that it has been endorsed by the British Medical Association and the American Medical Association since the 1950s. Furthermore, my clients give me that ultimate evidence that hypnosis is powerful through the changes I see them make.

So if you still feel sceptical about hypnosis let me answer your questions. I can provide you with knowledge and evidence to demonstrate that it is an amazing tool that helps many people in life to change something. If you need help with a problem such as fear of public speaking, IBS or a lack of confidence and much more, perhaps hypnotherapy is your answer. Contact me for a complimentary initial consultation when you can find out more.

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