How to choose the best hypnotherapist

May 18, 2022Hypnotherapy Information and Advice

How to choose the best hypnotherapist

Finding the right hypnotherapist to relax

How you choose the best hypnotherapists for you involves several considerations because what is best for your needs might not be best for another person.

There are so many hypnotherapists to choose from.

Anyway, what is best? it is subjective unless you measure it against standards. And where might you start to look for the best hypnotherapist?

Here is a list of things that can help you to find the most suitable hypnotherapist for you.

Check their credentials

This will mean reviewing their qualifications although most people have no idea what the qualifications are of a hypnotherapist and the number of qualifications varies considerably. For example, one person may have a good academic qualification and another person might have a vocational qualification.

In the UK an accredited qualification with an accrediting organisation that links with Ofqual and professional standards is considered good. For example, there is a level 3 certificate, a Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD) is a level 4 qualification, while a few hypnotherapists will even have a master’s degree in hypnosis or have gone on to do a PhD. Hypnotherapy in the UK is based on National Occupational Standards. Choosing someone who is on an accredited register is good as the therapist adheres to an ethical code and is required to have supervision and continuing professional development (CPD). These organisations also support your rights.

Hypnotherapists who have trained often have other qualifications such as counselling, psychotherapy EMDR, or a psychology qualification. Some hypnotherapists have statuary qualifications and are registered as a nurse, a doctor, a dentist or a chiropractor. Nevertheless, whatever qualifications they have should not be the deciding factor as to whether that person is best for you or not. There are many more things to consider.

Check the hypnotherapist’s experience

If the hypnotherapist has been seeing clients for a long time you may think that they are better. In many cases, this may be true but not all hypnotherapists work full time so they might not have as many client hours as you might consider right for an experienced person.

Find out something about their background

Although in theory, it should not make any difference to the quality of hypnotherapy provided if the person is well trained and meets your needs, sometimes the background of the hypnotherapist may make you feel that they are better for you. For example, if you have a medical problem and the hypnotherapist has worked in healthcare it may be easier to talk about getting help for a medical problem as you will know that the person understands what you are saying.

Some hypnotherapists will say what their background is in their advertising and website. Others will share this information verbally. While some will consider it irrelevant.

Check directories and accredited registers

So how do you know if someone has any qualifications or insurance?

One way is to check them out in a directory. Some directories are developed by private companies that list hypnotherapists in your location. These directories are often helpful because they can provide not only information but also give you a ‘feel’ about the hypnotherapist. When searching on a directory you are able to compare practitioners. You may also get photographs or videos that help you decide if you would like to talk with that person. These directory sites also provide further information like the therapist’s website or biography.

In addition, you can find out information about a hypnotherapist through the directories of professional bodies. Commonly used professional bodies in the UK include the National Hypnotherapy Society, The National Council for Hypnotherapy, and the General Hypnotherapy Register

There are many more professional bodies to that hypnotherapists might belong. Some are for specialists for example doctors or specific ways of working such as solution-focused hypnotists.

Some hypnotherapists working in the UK may also be registered on an international professional body website. For example, The National Guild of Hypnotists or the International Hypnotherapy Association.

To become listed on these sites the hypnotherapist will have needed to submit evidence of their qualifications and insurance.

However, some hypnotherapists choose not to become a member of these directories and as hypnotherapy doesn’t have statutory regulation they do not need to do so although most people consider it good practice.

So checking directories and professional bodies might help you to get the right hypnotherapist for you.

Consider if they have a niche

If you have a specific problem that you need help with, such as anxiety, wanting help to stop smoking or pain management you might want to choose someone who specialises in that area. Of course, there are experienced hypnotherapists who don’t specialise yet they have had many hours of helping people with one of these issues so they might be right for you. But some hypnotherapists specialise in helping people with less common issues such as paruresis (shy bladder) so you may choose to get help from them.

The price might be an important factor

Yes, the cost of things is important to many people but remember all the other aspects related to the hypnotherapist’s fees. You also need value and results.

You could compare with local hypnotherapists but that won’t necessarily tell you if one is more valuable than another as some have programmes and some sell by the hour. Furthermore, the cheapest priced hypnotherapist might suggest a lot more sessions than the higher-priced practitioner.

Many hypnotherapists offer a free initial consultation. This is an opportunity to find out if the ‘fit’ is right and to ask questions.

Check out reviews and testimonials

Today it is easy to scroll through an online search and look for reviews and testimonials. Reviews and testimonials will give you some social proof.

Are availability and accessibility a consideration?

For some people who are looking for the best hypnotherapists, other factors such as availability and accessibility are important. Occasionally some hypnotherapists may go to your home if requested, although this is rare these days as many people offer an online service.

If you are going to a therapist’s office you may need it to be wheelchair accessible.

When does the hypnotherapist provide appointments? Some people need appointments in the evening as they work during the day.

The location might be a problem for some people if there is no parking or public transport to the venue.

But many hypnotherapists provide help online via videoconferencing so this might be an option that suits you.

Get a referral or recommendation

If you have a medical-related issue you could ask your doctor for a referral or their advice about using the services of a local hypnotherapist.

Friends who have used the services of the hypnotherapist may also be happy to recommend them. However, even if you have a good recommendation it must always be your decision to use that therapist.

Finally, could you work with them?Choosing the best hypnotherapist, achecklist

The heart of getting the best hypnotherapist for you is a good relationship.

Rapport is a vital aspect of working with a hypnotherapist. Ask yourself some questions. Are they empathetic to your problem? Do you trust them? Do they understand your problem? Do they remind you of someone you don’t like? Are they respectful and accommodating? Do you feel that you will get the results you want working with them?

There are many great therapists in the UK, but finding the best one for you is about making decisions to meet your specific needs.

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