Stress Management

Stress Management Workshop

This stress management workshop will help anyone who feels that they need to relax. It’s really great for businesses as staff will experience different ways of relaxing that they can incorporate into their daily routines.

Research shows that this will help productivity and decrease staff sickness and boredom. But it’s a very adaptable workshop so it can be used for many different groups.

The key benefit of this workshop is that it provides fun activities and discussions that can lead to learning and stress reduction.

Handouts are provided to participants. A Certificate of Attendance is provided for CPD purposes.

Contact Linda on 01202 248468 to find out more.

  • Define stress and list the possible impact of excess stress on health and lifestyle
  • Identify your stressors
  • Experience a taster of mindfulness relaxation
  • Use a simple self- massage technique
  • Practice Progressive Muscular relaxation
  • Try a quick and simple meditation technique
  • Discuss and plan ways that you will reduce unnecessary stress in the future
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