Perfect Your Presentations

​Perfect Your Presentations

Perfect Presentations is a different way of learning how to give presentations, as Linda helps you to understand why you have difficulties giving presentations and how to tackle these issues.

Linda is an experienced presenter. She has been teaching and presenting to healthcare professionals for many years.

In 2013, she presented at the International Council of Nurses (ICN) in Melbourne, Australia. She gives speeches to charities and was a member of Toastmasters International, (this organisation is known as a world leader in communication and leadership development).

A Certificate of Attendance is provided for CPD purposes.

Contact Linda on 01202 248468 to find out more.

  • Banish negative thoughts – Think, I can do it!
  • Discover how to de-stress and prepare yourself for giving a presentation
  • Learn how to structure your presentation
  • Find out the common mistakes people make with PowerPoint presentations
  • Learn the secrets of keeping people interested in what you are saying
  • Develop positive body language
  • Visualise your success
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