Teenager Exam Stress

Teenager Exam Stress: A Parents' Survival Guide

Stop feeling like a failure and learn how to cope!

Is your teenager stressed about exams or tests? Are you noticing their behaviour changing, making you feel worried, frustrated or hopeless?

This book is written to help parents struggling with their teenagers during exam time by providing information and practical approaches. It’s based on the acronym UCOPE because you must find ways to cope with difficult situations such as exams, tests and other teenage difficulties. The ‘U’ is for understanding. The ‘C’ is for communication. The ‘O’ is for organising you and your teenager. The ‘P’ is for preventing pressures, and the ‘E’ is for evaluation. This easy-to-read book helps you to reflect on your situation, take action, and feel so much better.

 ‘Teenager Exam Stress: A Parents Survival Guide’ helps you understand your teen, exams, your emotions and role in this process as a parent. An important thread throughout the book is finding effective ways to communicate and build relationships, which will help your teen to develop. You are also signposted to other resources for additional help.

Available on Amazon as a Kindle Edition and in Paperback.

CPD Made Easy - Book Cover

CPD Made Easy

55 Ways to Continued Professional Development for therapists and the helping professionals

Lindas’ guide to CPD, including a toolkit of CPD activities.

This book will be invaluable to various therapists, including counsellors, hypnotherapists, nurses, occupational therapists, aromatherapists, health and wellbeing coaches, psychotherapists, massage therapists, holistic practitioners and many more therapists who want to do a good job and learn. It will be invaluable to therapists who have just completed their training and are unsure how to start CPD. It will also be useful for experienced therapists who just need some inspiration.

Available on Amazon as a Kindle Edition and in Paperback.

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