Ways to Reduce Anxiety- Gardening

Aug 1, 2018Anxiety

Ways to Reduce Anxiety- Gardening

Anxiety is part of modern-day society. We are told that we are experiencing an anxiety epidemic. And what makes this worse is that it affecting young children as well as adults. Some anxiety is useful as it helps us get out of bed and gets us motivated to do things but too much can cause ill health and unhappiness.

Over the next couple of weeks, I would like to share with you a few ways that I have found that really do help people to reduce their anxiety. I specialise in helping people with stress and anxiety issues in my business so I have discovered lots of ways that help, although some might be seen as a bit unusual.

As its summertime here in the UK I want to start with one great de-stressor and that’s gardening.

Gardening is a wonderful way to reduce your anxiety for the following reasons.

1. You change environment and go outside in the fresh air
2. It involves exercise even if you can’t walk very far or have only a small garden you need to bend stretch and move around. Exercise helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
3. Gardening will give you a sense of achievement when you acknowledge what you have done and that makes you feel better.
4. Gardening can be linked with gratitude. So when you go into the garden the plants, the fresh air and the temperature can remind you that you are grateful for many things including the ability to see and feel the earth and plants around you.
5. Being outside gives you the space to think and /or relax.
5. Clearing the weeds and planting can be symbolic of ridding yourself of the old ways and bringing new developments into your life.
6. Gardening for new gardeners brings learning and that can help you to feel better.
7. The smells and sounds of a garden are like nature’s orchestra so they can help reduce stress and anxiety.
8. New gardeners can work in gardens or allotments with other people to develop friendship and support.
9. When not gardening there are gardening books to read and lots of interesting information to gather online, chat rooms and clubs to join.
10. Gardens are great for parties and inviting a few friends round to talk and have fun.

So if you are feeling anxious, gardening might be the way forward to feel better.
If you need help with anxiety issues, get a health check from your doctor and contact me.

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